Antonio El Puni

Note also that there were few cases of hunters who repeat in its doors, only 4 of them, otherwise there was much dispersion in the gates lucky lucky to be visited by a res to abate. Highlight the rehalero Diego Ramos, who ran out of bullets in the loose, making closure of the stain to prevent copies of the stain out. Or friend Antonio El Puni with two deer collected in your door, like the colombo that Macias also downed two but this made doublet since were both in the same collar (he was best hunting that opened since theirs were the first shots heard in the placement of doors by bidders). Again lament poor predisposition that exists between los monteros in hunting deer, despite the 12 hunted female, because they were seen in herds of up to about 20 copies. It would have to make an appeal for the awareness of los monteros to abate such specimens since the reasons are several: 1.-the technical Plan, envisaged that 100 copies were poached per year to avoid overpopulation. This prevents competition in the power supply, improves the kind and quality of the trophy to the long. 2.-There are stains, as this is the case, that are affected by cases of alleged damages to crops by adjoining farms and, in other cases, by nearby roads causing traffic accidents.

In fact, just this week has reached a demand coming from La Palma del Condado Club (although it is a reserve that not adjacent to ours) for claim for damage, which will entail some expenses that in the end we sufragamos all partners should be upheld by a judge. 3 .-Hunting level, overpopulation of deer is hauling competition for food is greater and the animals are forced to colonize new areas which fall outside the scope of the hunting. Similarly, in spots like this, with a high competence level of food generates a worsening in the quality of the trophy, as you can see in the dejected unlike other deer where holdings if they enjoy a better demeanor. 4 .-Finally, at the level of hunting, given that deer move with more suspicion than the wild boars and more soon than them as soon as they hear the first movements, they are already rising entails that dogs also baited with them, dispersing them easier than usual and getting to be entertained less on lifting the wild boars whose encame is more laborious of scaring away the hunting ground than the deer. Many times you can see how at the end of the day you can watch dogmen barely remaining dogs that come to hot spots for el jabato or with dogs already quite depleted and tired by the incessant races after the Hinds. Whatever it is, and that it will be debated in another forum, the wild boars were left little see this Sunday while it is a blemish prone to protect many of them (as we said at the beginning, has a terrain that leads to many corners to do so). Next year they will be. Now touch the Christmas break and until next January 8 not will resume hunting.