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Mercedes-Benz will launch the Coupe and SUV based on the MFA platform between 2013 and 2014 an Automotive News Europe interview with the global sales Chief and marketing of Mercedes-Benz, Joachim Schmidt, has revealed more details of the new architecture used by its next batch of compact models. This will be composed of four products, which first, obviously, will be the next generations of the A class, scheduled for late this year, and the class B, which will be 2012. Two other innovations are not a surprise: already speak some time ago that it will be a Coupe and an SUV of reduced size that will use that platform. Schmidt said in the interview that they will not be reserved to the European market but also the Americans have it. The coupe may acquire it from summer of 2013 and the SUV from the station the following year, while arrival at the old continent will produce between three and five months later. In addition to arrange the margins for dates of releases, the Mercedes-Benz Executive spoke of other features of the new technological brothers of class A and B. For example, that the aesthetics of the Coupe will inherit traits of the newly released generation of the CLS. As for the SUV, will be the necessary response of the German brand direct rivals.

At the moment, these two will be models that fill the bottom of the range in North America, now that consumers there already not make you as many disgusted to smaller vehicles. However, Schmidt said: United States is not the typical market of compact but if demand grows, we can react very quickly and introduce those other two variants (classes A and B) in the country much earlier that in the past. You must not forget that even Infiniti could benefit from the MFA platform, although Schmidt stated that there are no decisions at the moment.