Better Web Design

Writing for the Web * Write the contents of your site in a simple yet professional. Give a copy of the content to a friend to read and confirm it if it is free of grammatical or stylistic errors. * Do not use font styles less than 10px for the content of your page. Remember it is very painful to read from a computer screen. Give your visitors the option to print the content or transform it to PDF to be read later.

* Again: check your spelling. Bad spelling does not only mean lack of professionalism, but also creates little credibility. Get to know your views * Give your listeners a chance to communicate with you. It offers a contact form they can fill out that pressing the button "Send" you receive in your inbox. * Publish a newsletter (or newsletters, as they say in English).

Put a subscription box on the homepage of your website and offers every week, every 15 days or every month (as you prefer) relevant information and encourage your subscribers to communicate you. * Includes polls, surveys and other tools to gain market intelligence (know your views, problems and needs: that way you can create a product that solves their problems and help them in their needs). Links * Your links (links) should be descriptive. Evita include links with the word "Click here", but rather tells the user where to go or what to find when you click on this link. * Do not emphasize what is not a link.