In the first two cases, the image and text printed on the finished already branded envelope. In the third – the situation is different. For the manufacture of branded envelopes use roll paper, which is tucked into special envelope line. There is put on paper all the necessary information (mail, logos, images, etc.) and automatically generated once branded envelopes, that is being cut from the paper web harvesting of some form, after which they specially applied glue, and blank rebate and stick together. Thus, the envelope of the lines in one pass get a ready signature envelope the image. However, in this case we are interested not so much the technology of production of branded envelopes, as the process of applying them to the desired image. Printing on letterhead envelopes digitally Digital printing systems installed in mini-printers and print shops, not have this drawback. But, keep in mind that not all branded envelopes can be used in laser printers, as there firm envelope undergoes significant heat and squeeze in the fixing apparatus.

Known frequent occasions when, after such an operation signature envelope sealed with an elementary or wrinkle. The advantages this option to print envelopes are available and low material costs for small runs. Disadvantages arise from the advantages: benefit only small print runs, the range of branded envelopes limited and there are some special requirements for external registration. Printing on letterhead envelope offset. If needed the envelopes with the image in a more or less commercial quantities (one or two hundred to several thousands), it is best to use our services.