Government Time

An inventions which were underestimated for years, there are inventions that are completely underestimated for years, sometimes for centuries. For a short time in the spotlight, these achievements quickly leave the scene, used only by a few authorities or companies and are mostly only much later again to the fore. And then we, the real potential, identify what is behind these technologies. So fare as the fax technology. Hard to imagine that it already was a watchmaker in Scotland in 1843, to construct a device which allowed an electric transmission, of black and white images. The copying Telegraph. This fact still incredible sounds when is borne in mind that the Morsetechnologie until 1848 was first deployed in Europe.

Despite continuing development this first fax machine was only sporadically in some press publishers or police stations. Costs and benefits not expected to at this time still and the fax machine was a little into oblivion. It was a war that people work on a development lies between 1918 in 1926, the fax again received the attention it deserves and an improvement followed the next. Only in the seventies the telecopier right indent years then found in Germany. Many companies and Government agencies recognised the benefits that this rapid delivery of documents.

The fax machine today now there is hardly a company more, which does not work with fax. Now, as well as in private households, fax machines have found their place. This easy way to send important documents quickly saves time and money. With a few small restrictions: The hardware for this purpose must be purchased from a company and maintained. Housed in many folders and keep the faxes themselves. Here there is also the risk that an important fax can be lost. As only a fax can be sent with such a device, currently to a recipient. For companies, a business solution consider so” which saves time and costs: the beneficial use of a fax server. A fax server is simply a PC with appropriate software, which in a network the complete management of fax operation, such as send, receive, forward and archive of faxes, takes over (client-server model). The advantages for a company are clearly obvious: first, a fax server to suitable to send more than just a single fax at the same time. Annoying and expensive delays, until the fax device is released again, accounts for in this way also the sending of same documents to multiple recipients is easily possible at the same time. Every employee can send the necessary faxes from your work computer, receive and archive. Optimization of work processes by providing the necessary information which must be otherwise complex manually edited. Easy archiving of faxes. The loss of important documents is not possible. Required documents can be viewed quickly and easily. The Print to a fax is possible as well as copying and scanning. Improved ability to control the incoming and outgoing faxes of in the fax server company, each operation is archived. A fax server offers saving of costs for hardware, materials and maintenance compared to commercially available fax devices in addition to these decisive advantages of course also the usual benefits of a conventional receives.