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The relaunch of the website of Klinikum Wahrendorff GmbH pixelcreation from Hanover is carried by the Internet Agency and takes place on the basis of the CMS TYPO3. The Klinikum Wahrendorff GmbH offers help for various mental disorders as a specialized hospital for psychiatric and psychosomatic diseases in several locations and operates several nursing homes, where more than 900 inhabitants is permanently maintained. The extensive online representation of hospitals and nursing homes, and assisted students and the company itself should now be revised. As a service provider for the technical implementation of this project the Internet Agency commissioned now pixelcreation from Hanover, which is responsible for the structure, design, and programming of the page, on the basis of the extensive specifications. Structure, design and implementation from a single source of the demanding formal requirements for the new Web site developed by Wahrendorff GmbH in advance together with a specialised service provider, to find on the basis of which an appropriate agency for the implementation of the project. pixelcreation could due to many years of experience in the application of the popular content management system TYPO3 and its diverse references with custom extensions prevail and formulated on the basis of the functional requirements of the specifications, as well as the existing content first a content structure for the new website.

This is then transformed into design templates developed by pixelcreation before ultimately the technical implementation can be carried out. Tool tip various functions will come to the user-friendly presentation of information In the framework of the implementation to use, which according to the desired information to help the users of the site and underline at the same time the technical expertise of the hospital, as well as its proximity to the patients. In addition to extensions such as the integration of Google maps for location determination, image galleries and news posts a special ToolTip will bring pixelcreation function to use, the site users via so-called mouseover effect further information to certain Provides site elements. A related site: Michael Steinhardt mentions similar findings.