Lucrative Blog Ideas

Here’s one you can use today. Check your website statistics. If you are getting indexed every two weeks or even monthly, you can increase your number of spider visits by blogging on the anniversary of the time the spider comes to your site. It requires some monitoring, but often you can predict when the date of your last spider visit. An even faster way is to ping at a time when the spider is reading a page that carries your update. (This is a bit difficult to explain, as I mentioned, but I have a resource that explains this process in depth in my site.) Blog Profit SEO Tip # 4: Get connected Switch the site feed (s) and use to promote your blog. Robin Good Guide can get some great links in a way.

If you include the lucrative keyword you have chosen poorly in the tips of two in the title and description, all link backs contain the key term you most want to care, often noted that spiders, as follow the link to your site. Once there, if you use these and other tips to skew your blog a bit more search engine friendly side, the synergistic effect is better, more profitable traffic. Lucrative Blog SEO Tip # 4: Continuous Improvement The more you post, the more food for the spider, which can cause the spider to react by splitting its work over several visits, which has even more content, and so on, until the spider just adds to a more frequent schedule of returns. For example, my main site is indexed several times a day for Google, however, can go a week without a update with no change in spider visits. This means that the indexing of my pages more often and my new pages aparecenmas fast.

Think about what you could do for the launch of its next product. You’ll be glad to know that you no longer have to slave blog entries several times a day, all day for similar results in your blog. In fact, some blog software allows you to create your message in advance so that you can have posts show every day even though technically only blog once a month. Conclusion: some small changes to your blog can attract more search engine traffic without turning off your blog visitors. Done properly, this gives your audience more of what they were looking for in the first place. Tinu is a specialist website promotion and the author of several books on search engines, blogs and RSS.