NASA Discoveries

Our universe is finite and small! The discovery by NASA scientists! Already found that the structure of our Earth dodecahedral. Dodecahedron – a polyhedron consisting of twelve regular pentagons. But the understanding of the universe were, until recently, quite vague. Throughout all stages of human development the word 'universe' was present in the thoughts and images as something unimaginable eternal and infinite. And when the man had a two-dimensional consciousness, and three-dimensional, all told him that the universe is something that defies even the most daring flight voobrazheniya.No flew century, space flooded with satellites and space stations.

NASA scientists spent a great scientific work on definition of the term 'universe' and what it represents, to date. The universe is finite and small size. Yes, our universe with all its galaxies and stars, with its black holes, dark and light matter, with the planets inhabited and uninhabited, is a creature of space, of course, the scale, but small. Only because of our very limited perception of (and this is only 0,5% of what we surrounds), we believe that it is infinite. Changing times, changing and reporting.

In ancient times it was believed that the earth is flat, stands on three elephants, or whales, and hangs in space. Further, Einstein put forward to mankind the idea of the closed world to himself. That is, if you fly in one direction, then in the end, arrive to the point of departure. The U.S. probe WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe), working in orbit since 2001. to study the cosmic microwave background microwave radiation, conducted several studies. If the universe were infinite, then the range of these fluctuations would be restricted. But data collected by sensors with WMAP, have led astronomers into confusion. Computer simulation data confirmed that the scale of our universe is small. And the fact that our universe is still closed on itself, and is a 'mirror space', where all objects are reflected to form a lot of mirror images.