New Board

The Association of electronic invoice (shipping) with Stefan Gross, e.V. has a new Chairman at the top of the Board. Munich, March 19, 2013. His deputies are Marcus Laube and Julia Samuel holder. As another Member of the Board, the general meeting Reinhard Wild chose. Stefan Gross is partner in the law firm of Peters, Schonberger & partner and directs the shipping working group legal & quality already.

He succeeds Hubert S. Hohenstein so as previous Chairman, who has guided the fortunes of the Association for more than four years. Marcus Laube is a founder and Managing Director of crossinx GmbH. Julia Samuel holder, marketing manager of BasWare GmbH, directs the shipping working group at the same time marketing. Reinhard Wild is Managing Director of XimantiX Software GmbH. The new Board wants to work first and foremost to promote the exchange of electronic invoices at the national level and to establish. Also the ZUGFeRD format will play a relevant role, that contribute to the wider dissemination of electronic invoices as the overarching standard should.

Thus the shipping aims, that until 2015 a total 40 percent of B2B invoices in Germany are shipped electronically unchanged. At the latest since amending the tax simplification Act of 2011, nothing more in the way purely tax is the exchange of electronic invoices. The shipping is committed with all our strength, to establish this topic in the next few years in the economy and to advance”, Stefan Gross announced. As another task of the new Board of Directors is committed, to intensify cooperation with other associations such as the VOI Association organisational and Informationssysteme e.V., the BITKOM and the German Security Association (TeleTrusT). Also should be expanded the existing cooperation in the Forum e-invoice Germany (FeRD) and continued exchanges with the relevant ministries. About the packaging: The Association electronic invoice (shipping) headquartered in Munich represents the interests of service providers and consultancy for the electronic exchange of invoices, as well as by companies, the E-invoicing in use have. The Association thus sees itself as the voice of E-Invoicing economy as a whole. On behalf of its members, the shipping objective establishing E-Invoicing as a standard so that companies of all sizes easily and safely can participate in the exchange of electronic invoices. Through targeted education, VeR intends to increase the acceptance of E-invoicing in companies and the public. The Association provides up-to-date information on all technical and legal issues relating to E-invoicing. Also he is involved in the simplification in the electronic exchange of invoices at international level. In March 2010, the Association has presented a roaming standard for better cooperation between E-Invoicing providers and thus assumed a pioneering role. Currently, the reverse has 52 members.