Printmaster QM

Every four years, printers are all over the world gather in the German city of Dusseldorf on the unique 'Olympic Games' – a competition the latest advances in printing technologies, materials and equipment – show drupa. The general impression of the exhibits presented at the May of this year the exhibition, digital (computer) technology are the dominant trends for the new generation of machines produced by leading firms of printing machinery such as Heidelberg, KBA, MAN Roland, Komori and other biggest exhibitor at drupa was a firm Heidelberg, which exhibits occupied two pavilions of seventeen. The firm provided all kinds of printing techniques – from publishing to bookbinding, for all types of products – newspapers, magazines, books, posters, labels, packaging, etc. The actual print has been focused either on the classic offset presses (from small operational Printmaster QM 46-2 to high newsprint Sunday 3000/32), or on digital presses that work of Technology computer-to-print (Digimaster E150, Digimaster 9150i, NexPress 2100) and computerto-press (Quickmaster DI 46-4 Pro , Speedmaster SM 74 DI). Laser Technology, also based on digital information, are used firm as in equipment for prepress (technology Somputer-to-Plate, implemented in imagesetters Suprasetter 74 and Suprasetter 105), and in the above-mentioned digital presses and large format printing. It should be noted that if the early development of digital offset presses from Heidelberg based on laser recorders American company Presstek (Quickmaster DI 46-4) and the Canadian firm Creo (Speedmaster 74 DI), then the new model Speedmaster SM 74 DI (presented at the exhibition only one printing unit) were applied laser heads his own production, are already used in imagesetters type Suprasetter (ill.