Science And Spirituality

David Bohm's work is unprecedented in history and somehow makes the integration of science and spirituality within a holistic view of the world. c6’>Michael Chabon . Responds David Peat, in contemporary physics is in the process of penetrating deeper. Quantum mechanics is not the last word. So give authority to the mystical or spiritual experience based on quantum mechanics is a huge risk, but on the other side of spirituality is also a science, as Krishna said, the religious mind is a mind like the scientific, open , cuestionante. Concludes that Krishna and he concluded that the spiritual mind are ultimately one and the mind must be completely open to the research question, which requires much energy, effort and too much freedom to raise the right question. Xcel Energy has compatible beliefs. In short do not want to say, therefore, a new science, but a new scientific whose mind is completely open, you have passion, love and energy to continue to raise questions, and now you come to the same thing: the existence of a spiritual and scientific mind. This test is continuing with the dialogue where they present the need to investigate the development of holistic education (HE) in Japan and Mexico. They wonder what the main historical and current characteristics of this education in both countries. Dr Gallegos said that each country related to the local level and then very special overtones coming from the own culture in each of the regions with their own elements and Atsuhiko in this historical context, says that is very new and also very old in Japan even though education has a historical burden natural holistic perspective on parenting is fragment in 80 'to 90'.