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All managed through a simple emissions Grill Manager. How much saving content with eSpectia distributors? eSpectia uses a protocol peer to peer (P2P) which allows a saving in the cost of data traffic up to 97%, while maintaining an excellent quality of image equivalent to Freeview TV to continuation is shown a comparative study of costs for the creator or distributor of multimedia content on the Internet using a streaming client/server distribution scheme, and using the eSpectia Platform Note: assuming a typical scenario of 1000 listeners or viewers a day (the colored row in blue), if we use technologies client server cost which means data traffic will be 41. 472 while the cost with the eSpectia platform is 1300. A 96,87% savings per month! About IPTV Solutions: IPTV Solutions is a company of Base technology (EBT) with origin at the University of Almeria (spin-off in research) dedicated to the development of specialized software in progress r & d has the support of companies and professionals with great experience in the technology sector as well as professors of the University of Almeria specialized in coding and transmission of digital video and multimedia solutions.

About the University of Almeria: Universidad de Almeria is one of the Spanish universities with greater projection and that directs much of his efforts in bringing the knowledge and experience of its researchers to support the structure productive province, so new innovative projects carried out in the companies have from the start with a solid foundation for your success. On the eSpectia platform. com has been the Supercomputing research group: algorithms (ICT-146) commissioned to collaborate actively in the supervision and direction of the project. For more information:. IPTV-solutions. It is or. espectia.