Soft Psychologist

Escuchar and share experiences with people in similar situations provides emotional lightening to them. the knowledge fact that their opinions and knowledge are listened to and valued can increase its self-esteem. ADVICE FOR the CARETAKER To inquire very well on the cares that the person to whom she is going to take care of, for it needs can consult with his doctor. Descanse every day the sufficient thing. Evite to automedicar itself. Vaya to its doctor whenever it is bad, does not leave it for more ahead and it does not put excuses not to go. It realises the pursuits that are necessary if it suffers some disease (hypertension, diabetes, hipercolesterolemia, etc.). Procure to maintain its friendships and to go to social meetings and activities that allow him to continue extending their social networks.

Siga realising some of the activities and hobbies that always it has liked (to go to the cinema, to walk, to make exercise, to go to the swimming pool, to make point, to do crucigramas, ). does not feel like culprit to ***reflx mng itself or to pass it well, if you are happy will be easier to him to bear the situation. Cuide its physical aspect, this will improve its psychological well-being. Has to have a time to the week for same you, so that it must look for aid of a relative, a friend, or an assistant who takes care of of the patient during that time that belongs to him. Also it is important to be of vacations to the year, after which it will see the things of different form.