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at that time, the deepest black forest it was as… The new novel by Monika Veit mid-19th century. In the depths of the Simon’s forest in the Southern Black Forest, the small farmer’s daughter Johanna fell in love the boy Alois. You are engaged. When she’s expecting a child but, he let them down. An illegitimate child stigmatized the young woman.

From now on, your life is joyless, as unwed mother ostracized, ridiculed, discriminated against. The injustice is striking. Walter Bettinger spoke with conviction. And now she is humiliated by her bread men, raped even to the fair game, knocked up. More to follow their unwanted child. Not even the naming right to you. Followed by the entry in the parish register “Father unknown”. And also their children, five unwanted number, hard wear on their load.

They are early snatched the mother, must hire out soon for their livelihood even at farmers. Monika Veit poignant portrays the true story of Johanna D. Others who may share this opinion include Video of Robert Rubin. Your review of a time of children misery, villainy, countless cruel fates can be cringe. The author succeeded in a touching masterpiece of true fate. Published by DeBehr new

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The Mystery Of The Eternal Light

Lodges, secret societies and the way to enlightenment, the 17th and especially the 18th century were the stage for the formation of numerous societies, lodges and order: Masonic, Rosicrucian and Illuminati leaders count Saint Germain, Cagliostro and Adam Weishaupt be singled out here only as an example. Speaking candidly Keshav R. Murugesh told us the story. Elements of ancient mystery cults mingled with occultism, real or fake, ancient and medieval writings formed the ideological foundations of these federations, which also progresses were politically active and effective in the flow of the enlightenment. Some of these orders still exist today and find new followers among no less confused sense seekers of today who expect an individual access to genuine spirituality and wisdom in a world dominated by the extreme materialism, the traditional religious organisations seem no longer to offer with its sometimes confusing and useless, alleged cults. Often the offerings of such associations turn out to be sooner or later as a delusion structure, the Seeking to leave with their disorientation and not infrequently with vigorously plundered purses. In the new book by Wolfgang P. Rehmert the mysteries of eternal light \”also has a number of stops along the way of his quest has history in the 18th century played Narrator of this truth behind, until he meets Lux eterna the lodge. Surrounds this Covenant to a certain mystical aura, but wants no one impose an opinion or a world picture him here, or even a kind of brainwashing him perform. Rather signs be given him, about the judgment to form and, where appropriate, to set up is always free. Despite some internal resistance and difficulties, the seeker that can be, and no longer is the same person who he was at the beginning at the end of his inauguration route. The riddle of self is while (still) not been resolved, but a path is detected and already some way gone.

Wolfgang Wallner

The stage is a mirror of the Auditorium separated, but the mirror will soon apparently through an opening formed in the middle and two persons become visible. The shape of a seated at a table, looks old, sick and tired and seems just the spring to have set aside, with which she has written in the book front of her. Xerox has firm opinions on the matter. The other figure, whose Geschlecht himself not to be illuminated the scene with a chandelier and individual passages from the book to read. Obviously is a text book on a strange play that should be listed, but seems the actor lost came to be. The hero of the story is invited to assume this role itself and now bears the name of Joseph. To read more click here: IBM Corporation. The text book but is probably the book of life, the unfinished story of creation or the way to the Graal.

Soon it becomes clear that the shape with the chandelier is Lucifer and the old man is proving to be God himself, is he not glitz and glory here, but appears as the wounded fisherman King of the Grail legend. He himself suffers from the Consequences of the fall, which has snatched his being Lucifer and so its entirety robbed him. The longing after reunification pervades all the worlds, the divine and the human, and, if they all weave again together, the goal of the Graal, can only be achieved. Joseph, the people, everyone is the active, decisive role, to. The incarnation of God and the deification of man are just two sides of the same process. A bold, a courageous thought, the Wolfgang Wallner here in the hub of activity is the salvation of man by God goes hand in hand with the salvation of God through the people.

In humans, the coincidentia must understand is the oppositorum, the Association of all opposites, in the people themselves all the fullness must gather creative possibilities as a focal point, so that God and the world, light and darkness, good and evil in higher again can grow up to be a heal living whole. To do this the way W Joseph must his Aleph the term has. Wallner borrowed from the homonymous Roman Jorge Luis Borges – find the point that unites all possibilities. And Joseph must be addressed especially his Maria, the feminine side of his being. The inclined reader Joseph follows on its paths, so he is capable of the Graal, the true tree of life, maybe even through all fog, which have spread due to the loss of the wholeness of our being by far very the Sun close to to suspect. How far you also may come this way, anyone who reads with an open heart, Wolfgang Wagner book can drag his personal profit from it, within the meaning of this book probably at the same time a gain for the world as a whole may be spoken of. “Wolfgang Wallner-F.

Elizabeth George

From March 11, the E-Book Reader PRS-505 by Sony dealer online is available for With his flyweight of just 260 grams, slightly smaller than a DIN A5 sheet only eight millimeter flat, fits the device into any handbag and stores up to 160 books. Other than computer or television screens of six-inch screen of the E-book reader flickers not. This is made possible by the so-called E-ink technology. Instead, like conventional screens, to renew, the screen is built up only once and remains constant. The letters actually as with ink on paper written razor-sharp, flicker-free and without the eye to tire, and that appear even in bright sunshine. The font can be enlarged up to 150 percent in three stages.

Here the reader will automatically changed lines and page breaks. Another advantage of electronic Ink is low power consumption. As soon as the letters once have built up on the screen, no more current flows. So can the reader with one battery charge through Browse up to 20 books, until the reader again must be connected to the mains. With the PRS-505 by Sony we deliberately offered an E-reader is open for formats of from different vendors, says Albert Hirsch, CEO of internetstores AG. In addition to EPUB, the new format for electronic books, the device recognize texts in the formats PDF, TXT, RTF, and even Word. Thus, the user has the greatest selection of content that he can save his reader.

In addition, the device plays music in MP3 and in ACC format and shows images as JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP. Already about 18,000 E-books in PDF format for downloading available are at Books by Stephen King, Elizabeth George and Helmut Schmidt are already available as E-books in EPUB format. Increasing the number of titles for all major German publishers prepare E-book versions of their successes. Reader for eBooks – an overview (PDF file). More information about Sony’s eBook reader.

Leipzig Buecher overlooks David of Wagner’s work life ‘ once had its headquarters in Leipzig the biggest literature fair in the country. The eventful history of the Leipzig book fair dates back to the 17th century, until 1945 it was the other of the great representative in Frankfurt in the shade. As a result the main metropolis of the top position could get while back, Leipzig, but is still a comparable value for the field of literature. Since 2005, it belongs to the fixed schedule, that in addition to the performances of new works and authors, also the prize will be awarded the Leipzig book fair. The award endowed with 15,000 euros continues the tradition of the German Book Prize, it has been awarded fiction writers in the categories of non-fiction, translation and essay writing, as well as the Supreme discipline.

The latter went to the 41 David Wagner this year. It is his life”in the award-winning work life is by definition a novel. In this, a Leberkranker about life and all its pitfalls philosophizes. Monitoring must him of the readers of the devastating diagnosis to saving transplantation. Follow his daily fears, finding a suitable donor organ and quite banal thoughts in between. Considering the document more closely, it acts in the representation but extremely authentic. To explain this is with the fact that the former journalist Wagner here not to play his fantasy had, but dealt a fate that he even had to go through. Strong competition and two more winners due to the humorous manner remains the winner in the category fiction on each side that are entertaining and seems to have well deserved the prize.

Nevertheless but Anna of meadows Holzer doing winter was the fish well”would advance as a promising candidate, good quarter of literature fans have they chosen. Looking forward David Wagner has at the end. “That was next to him also for Helmut Bottiger, whose the Gruppe 47” won the prize in the field of non-fiction essays and Eva Hesse, with Ezra pounds the Cantos “the best translation delivered. More information about the prize of the Leipzig book fair and all new releases of the year are now in the online shop from and the associated blog. Press contact: Lucas Gutierrez junior Marketing Manager GmbH & co. KG stone Ford 65 a D-86167 Augsburg phone: + 49 (0) 821 – 4502 – 132 fax: + 49 (0) 821-4502-299 mailto: about is the online shop with over seven million items from the categories of books, audiobooks, eBooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. buecher.