But without proper and qualitative stress normal quality site does not make money. The site should not be on the free and the paid hosting, you know what people would think if you have a website on free hosting. Now the domain name, he must choose once and for all, and I suggest you take advice on the time delay. Eliot Horowitz takes a slightly different approach. If after a few days you can not change the decision and leave the chosen domain name then all is well. I had a case when I registered the domain and four months later decided to change it but he is already well indexed and has received their patrons, and everything seems ok, but not like the name already and that's it, here and imagine how many problems on the head with not the right decision. Also, you should know that whatever you are a professional on the move were not the site still needs time to gain popularity. Even if you do not like that then we first determine whether will fix it later, very bad if will be difficult bug corrected.

Now, another aspect that records every thought into a notebook, not in word, but in a simple notepad easy handle if you want something that can highlight More and pencil. In the future your idea will work each and give a chain reaction of other ideas that of course you write in notepad. Since we're talking about records that take as much work in not a computer (offline). As known nor any glasses or a good monitor will not prevent damage to vision and you have to work on top of the computer time. Further in this notebook write general-purpose which you have to do in general all purpose even the smallest and start planning.

Planning is generally your associate and assistant that will help achieve good results. Most start-ups that made the site started to work start your day or night, as anyone with a more convenient planning. Including the computer the first thing they climb to check your mail and then to the site contact and correspondence went on icq, and then oh well, I did not have time! And in the end they have issued 6 – 7 hours and maybe more this is not correct. Basically, I check mail too soon but everything else after work. You can plan for the week and may one day and each task set the time for its implementation is help you. At first, of course it will be difficult to work on a schedule but you cut the time in half, instead of 6 hours you will have to go 3. So let's sum up: You will need: 1) You select the target. 2) Carefully analyze it. 3) All new thoughts down in a notebook and see what can be done. 4) prepare a plan to meet goals and define the time for execution. 5) are planning. 6) start to work. In this way, you go right to the implementation of your goals. This is a very simple way but are valid and they will certainly help. Work on the same plan and everything will be much better and faster done.

Quality Management

And why do we have so succeeded. Guests, we forgotten, but now we have everything to seriously – dealer-manager, sales, retail sales. But with science Maltz have not guessed. There in the west, not the wild, science – quality control of Quality Management. We have the same difficulty with the translation to translate it as quality management, and get absolutely two different things, but nevertheless both root and have them going anywhere. So Western science quality control is mentioned in the great grandfather of Karl Marx. Quality management means improving the quality of the five levels such as the financial, consumer, and so on. Let us improve the quality of the consumer.

According to statistics, if the consumer's satisfaction, it will notify the six to his friends, so casually, if it's asked where he got and so on, but if the consumer remains dissatisfied, he will notify the twelve men, but now with the presence of many more Internet and Forum about everything tell. So the question of how our companies operate, you could be in service station after reading the material index is no desire. If an employer is squeezing all the juice for three months and then introduces the new human resources in turn, then again there are questions. For example, in the eighties, after the disco drunk guy came up to his car, opened the door and fell asleep on the seat, but at this time in that car crashed into another car. The guy fell asleep in the car of Ford, and Ford had a trial to pay a hundred million dollars, although the court lasted for twenty years, but it does not matter. In Europe there is a presumption of guilt for the producers, then a manufacturer must prove that he is not maliciously damaged the consumer, and try it just does not pay, he will eat, what would be the giant was not there. We also need to gather a lot of evidence that still need to prove and for own expense.

No wonder that in Western instructions for use spelled out clearly can not do with the product, and when a fault address to the service center address. We have solutions for problems concept, plus a soldering iron is better to choose. And it's really not funny. We still occupy 130 seats in living standards, and although the country that has a really rich natural resources, but still not used intellectual resources. So that the development we have a large reserve than necessary and use.