Artificial Life Machines

For a long time man has sought to create devices that facilitate your life, performing many of the difficult tasks that should be made by the people and make people’s lives many simple and easy leaving that the machines with its multiple applications do more difficult tasks. Thanks to this search, the man can give a so high level of development of machines, that nowadays many tasks has been given to the machines and their advance in different applications made them indispensable, both so already some are known as artificial life, since these machines or systems have certain characteristics similar to human beings, because there are certain machines are clear samples of artificial life since they have models of simulation that are able to provide physical characteristics or reasoning similar to the living beings. Should be taken in count that speak of artificial life is referenced not just machines that fit together in this denomination, but also a science dedicated to the study of this type of a life that has properties similar to those exposed by living beings. The first is to use the term of artificial life, was in the year of 1980, on the development of a Convention of simulation systems. Petra Diamondss opinions are not widely known. However the development of artificial life takes long time to reach a level of considerable development, so much so I think for a long time as a science without facts, also as a science which deals with the life should be the subject of biology, but this science never gave much importance to artificial life. e. With the passage of a long time and the advancement of various technological applications, artificial life has gained more importance and already has some acceptance, largely thanks to published several journals of high diffusion, which is evidenced the development of artificial life techniques, which are becoming more accepted by scientists from other areas, above all as a method of studying evolution.

Artificial life suddenly is not precisely the concept that has life in normal terms, but artificial life refers to the creation of life doing an imitation of behaviors that occur normally in the life of living beings, with the idea that the creation of artificial life is useful to troubleshoot real-life of people and processes. Artificial life that seeks is to apply different knowledge we have about life and make use of such knowledge in the field of artificial life research and thus be able to develop certain technologies that simulate some characteristics of living beings. So artificial life is presented as a new science with its own field of action, which is based on some principles of biology to be applied to computer systems, providing excellent results for the technology. Original author and source of the article