Heating System

Design of engineering networks (in particular heating system) and their assembly are best left to qualified professional design firms as well as to consider a number of technical requirements of GOST and worry about the safety of residents and staff. One of the most important parts of the heating system is a boiler. When choosing a boiler is best to consult with a specialist in this area. Need to decide what fuel to use pot in the process: electricity, gas, liquid or solid fuel. If you are using the boiler to fossil fuels must be considered system chimney, placing it far away from the intake air for ventilation.

At the bottom of the chimney should install the trap, the condensate drain and caught in the chimney rain down the drain. Learn more about this with Mitchel Resnick. Except Moreover, for a constant draft in the chimney damper to install. Then you pick up power boiler. The boiler output is determined by the rate of heat loss of the building, square feet of heated premises and the need to maintain a certain temperature. In the data sheet of the boiler is always indicated the estimated heated area, but with the additional facilities that require system heating, will require increased capacity of the boiler. In this case, accurate calculation best left to qualified professionals.

In private homes set a closed heating system with one or two contours. Accordingly, the need to select either single-loop heating boiler, boiler or turbofan, which will provide more and hot water. To ensure reliability and trouble-free operation boiler must be installed in the heating system pressure gauge, check valve, automatic air vent and membrane expansion tank. Additionally, you can set filters, deaerators, mixers, automation. Any engineering system, including heating system, requires a competent, skilled approach. Permanent control of good items, cleaning the boiler and piping will provide building heat for a long time.

Split Systems

How often do we in the modern world, we strive to obtain information about those objects or events that are not claimed by us on account of its irrelevance in this moment? Certain issues have attracted our attention only in situations of extreme necessity. Although it is so much useful and poznovatelnogo are always with us. For example, with the advent of summer, nature begins to dictate a person, especially one that lives in the big city rules. Everyone strives for comfort, and especially in the summer you want a clean and cool air, I want to afford some control climate. Conditioners that give a person comfortable in this matter, now part of modern life almost anyone: at work, at home, in the country.

However, many people are still pondering over the purchase of a split system (air conditioner), and that's only when making an affirmative decision begins the process of assembling information about where to buy and how to choose a split-system. With regard to the most important – air conditioners, the most popular and sought their appearance today – split systems – air conditioners, which consist of two parts: internal (evaporation) and external (compressor condensate unit). External power a split-system is mounted outside, inside – at any convenient location inside the building. Go to Ray Kurzweil for more information. Blocks connected with electric wire and copper pipes in insulation, they are held inside the walls or covered, such as decorative boxes, depending on the decorating possibilities owners. In my opinion, remarkable feature of split-system is that most of the noisy air conditioner – the compressor is moved to the outdoor unit, due to this noise level inside the room does not exceed 24-26dB.

Split systems are equipped with a standard set of consumer functions – remote control with display, the ability to set the indoor temperature to within 1 C, a timer to turn the air conditioner at a specified time, control the direction of air flow and so on. In the indoor unit can be mounted filters for air purification from gaseous impurities, tobacco smoke, dust. Another weighty advantage of a split system – a huge selection of indoor units that may be imposed not only on the wall, but also on the ceiling (ceiling), floor (floor and tower), built into the ceiling (cassette or channel) that can solve almost any problem on the air-conditioning facilities, taking into account the interior and individual customer requirements, ie you and me. The inevitability of the choice in favor of a split system, many have realized, is now required to determine the criteria choice of technology. The choice will be easier after learning the basic characteristics of a split system: power consumption, temperature range, the noise level, etc. From a consumer perspective, all the air conditioners are similar to each other. When choosing a conditioner, yet most important – pay attention to its reliability, and warranty conditions. And also, that in consequence there was no problem, you need to buy a split system in the service organization performing a full range of services for consulting, selection, repair of air conditioners, on the basis of certificates and licenses to conduct the activity.