Windows Movie Maker

The lights are important in a production. Asegrese of which it illuminates all the area that is going away to use to create Video, your also you can upon presentment use effects of illumination like a resource addition. If your you require of sounds for your video you will need a microphone. To register voice as an added form in order to promote the product and its benefits for the consumers he is very effective. the sounds are as important as the video in if. Your video edition software can be any program, like for example Windows Movie Maker de Microsoft, this is necessary to finalize your work. It can add sounds, eliminate some bad angles, transitions of slides or also insert some fixed images. Some programs are easy to even use with knowledge zero in the edition of videos.

Video is a great tool, but also it has disadvantages. The team of the visitor can be slowed down and the time of unloading can take long time, especially if the client is still in a connection of telephone access the good news is that with the masificacin of the use of the Broadband this will stop being a problem. But that this does not stop to you, Video arrived to remain and is a very profitable alternative for you, although the best thing is to continue maintaining the text and to use the video to realsar presentation of a Product or Service. Video offers an interactive form of sales, you you involve the clients, them samples the advantages than you offer and often this is sufficient to make a sale.

Modular Multimedia

In parallel, the learner has activities for face-to-face counseling, by postal mail or by telephone. It is necessary to highlight that he not envisaged the use of computer networks. All of this fits the characteristics of an instructional system that Peters defined as Industrializado, in which the main processes of design, production, advice and evaluation are performed sequentially and with trend towards overcrowding in terms of student population served. Such industrialization also means a certain distance of the educational system with regard to the student as a person. Aside from the positive elements intrinsic to the Modular Multimedia model, Fabio Chacon says you, high rates of drop-out students, low levels of performance; obsolescence of instructional materials, which will make it difficult to modify because of the rising costs. low interaction between students and between them and the teachers.

One of the main reasons which is credited with these problems is that the student must work alone, with few opportunities for follow-up and tutoring. On the other hand, if it increase interaction strategies based on the face-to-face tutoring, the distance program is very expensive and little differentiated from classroom teaching. Telematic model. In response to the problems of the previous models, begins to envisage a new generation of distance education, which can identify in greater degree the instructional process, there is a permanent interaction between the people to support the learning process, the feedback to the learner is almost immediate, the amount of teaching resources that you can have is unlimited and costs per student are lower. As major disadvantages, highlighted the need for a significant initial investment in equipment and facilities, the difficulty of evenly reaching all students with new technologies and the effort required to upgrade to the teaching staff. The key point that differentiates the new paradigm of the above is the use of computer networks, i.e. the communication using computers is the heart of the system of distance learning; Thus, creating a permanent vehicle for communication and to dispose of large masses of useful information for educational purposes, which can occur in any form: textual, numerical, graphic, audiovisual, movement, etc.