Heidi Ad Hoc & DOM Haring – Excursion

Pamphlets of reality on the 30.10.09 in Dusseldorf in their live performance pamphlets of reality their soul skin inverts Heidi ad Hoc outwards: despair, fear and vulnerability become days. Their self-destructive and socially critical texts, published in the poetry anthology LilSchwarz (ISBN 978-3-981176-83-4), sent shock waves through the audience Chase unsparing slice self-knowledge program is. Her distinctive voice is the instrument with which she celebrates their anger. Bobby kotick will not settle for partial explanations. Draws the dark gray of their martyrdom audience under his spell there is no escape… All despair despite float also Humoresque tones through space, when Heidi ad Hoc with the female audience E.g.

cold shower speaks from the soul. Not only the author herself celebrates her words; the changing emotional moods are manifested musically by Dominik Haring on guitar, creating goosebumps exciting symbiosis between Word & sound. Miss not crystal clear and delicate sensitive literature performance by Heidi ad Hoc on October 30, 2009 from 21: 00. The event in the kulturcafe of Solaris 53, Kopernikusstr. 53 40225 Dusseldorf is being staged. Admission is free, however non-performing artists over donations forward… More information is available under and. Michaela p by Culex – events

Thiersch McIntosh

The third season of the International Festival series is devoted to the dance: MOUVOIR/Stephanie Thiersch meets Kate McIntosh and Kunja dance theatre. For more information see STAAR Exams. ngs. In loose promise “the Kate McIntosh employees in Belgium creates a multifaceted world of Tales: tell-tale, dreamy, brutal and too funny to be believable. The choreographer and dancer combines on stage five texts of different authors including Tim Etchells, founder of the successful performance group forced entertainment. The stories begin at a common origin, they soon left to break in very different and surprising directions. Kate McIntosh brings these stories on stage together again, revealing their fascinating interrelatedness. Thus, she takes on the described events in her body, uses images, gestures and objects, through which it expresses told fragments. The dual notion is completed by the African duo Kunja Dance Theatre from Kenya.

In their performance Urbanite’ surprise her by a precise and explosive body language, who juggles between avant-garde dance and African dance tradition. Urbanite”reflects the varied moods of an urban dweller, a person who has moved from the countryside to the city, to find a better life. Will his many expectations in performance be? “The host ensemble MOUVOIR shows his new production blind questions: I see you me neither”. The Cologne choreographer and media artist Stephanie Thiersch staged a confusion that weaves together live situations and cinematic projections with her international ensemble of dancers, actors and singers in their dance performance. In formal as well as emotional variations is the theme of love illuminated what remains of love is left, if she are to end? GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE is the invitation ensemble network Cologne free trade agreement.

Each of the four ensembles in the free trade zone is located from February until June 2009 Allied theatre and dance productions in Cologne. The free trade agreement will open its doors and enriched himself and Cologne to the creative exchange with the Switzerland, the United States, Belgium, Kenya and France. There is the current program as well as detailed information on productions, artists and cards: tickets: 0221 / 985 45 30. We send love to press kit and visuals you on request. The program to GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE 09 first kiss! “in May #3 Cologne <-> Brussels <-> Nairobi MOUVOIR / Stephanie Thiersch meets Kate McIntosh and Kunja dance theatre 25 & 26 May 20:00, Alte Feuerwache Koln, Melchior str. 3 Kate McIntosh” loose promise “and Kunja dance theatre”Urbanite”28 & 29 May 20:00, Alte Feuerwache Koln, Melchior str. 3 MOUVOIR/Stephanie Thiersch blind questions: I see you me neither” (UA) film Dance Theatre presented by: free trade ensemble network Cologne, Futur3, A.TONAL.MOUVOIR, THEATER, theater 51grad.com sponsored by: Kunststiftung NRW, Cologne, RheinEnergieStiftung Culture Pro Helvetia, country office North Rhine-Westphalia, NRW Minister. Media partner: StadtRevue – the Cologne magazine K.West – serial for North Rhine-Westphalia

Awarded! The Games Of The Year 1979-2013

They are companions of our childhood are special exhibition in the Steinhuder museums for many of us. We have laughed, looking, and us maybe even scolded. We were looking after Mister X or turned around trees, we exchanged sheep against wood and angered us about the Knights. The speech is the well known board games and card games, which were awarded as “Game of the year”. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is a great source of information. Awarded! The special exhibition in the Steinhuder museums, that goes this phenomenon to the bottom is the games of the year 1979-2013 from 9 August to 13 October. The history of the game of the year starts in 1978. The football World Cup held in Argentina, in Erlangen, journalists and players of tip kick Bundesliega played a tournament and the creation of the previously discussed “game of the year e.V.” was decided at the end of the day.

1979 “The Hare and the Hedgehog” was awarded with the first game of the year. The game of the year is chosen by a jury consisting of German gaming critics, journalists. Their concern is that the proliferation of corporate and board games to promote. With the award, the club wants to give impetus: the development of valuable and accordingly designed new games. On July 8, 2013, the 35th game of the year in Berlin will be nominated. The critics now considered revenue guarantee for game publishers, are a large part of the packages of discount supermarket and drugstore market counters or the games be ordered over the Internet. But what makes a game to the “of the year”? 2001 came the children’s game and since 2011 the expert game to the family “of the year”. The Steinhuder museums present the backgrounds for the award along with the winners.

The members of the jury receive space. Who are these journalists, their vote so many game buyers enthusiastically follow? The special exhibition offers several levels of narration. In the focus are the games themselves and their history, the reception of the prize of the critic, as well as its real impact. In the framework programme, game clubs and a developer workshop in cooperation take place with the children and youth centre Kusterhaus. As of 9 August the Steinhuder museums, Tue-Sun each 1 pm 5 pm. For Groups can be booked outside opening hours: 0 50 33 – 55 99 ausgezeichnetespiele.org AusgezeichneteSpiele Sandra Kilb M.A..

The Concordat

> Which is referred to as Reich Concordat State Church contract on July 20, 1933, between the Holy See and the German Reich. In it, the relationship between the German Empire and the Roman Catholic Church was regulated. It is still for the Federal Republic of Germany is considered to be valid. u0085 The second round of negotiations worked out later also adopted text of the contract until July 1. Petra Diamonds gathered all the information. The German bishops advised Pacelli to believe they probably feared the German Catholics and Catholic associations could subject even harsher repressions when a failure of the conclusion of the Concordat. By Papen Vice-Chancellor caught up on 2 July Hitler Chancellor, to approve the draft. After the forced dissolution of self by Bavarian people’s Party and Centre Party on the 4th of July 5, 1933 was also a consideration for the Holy see political Catholicism and so followed the initialling by the negotiators on July 8. Michael Steinhardt pursues this goal as well.

On the same day, Hitler lifted all sanctions against Catholic organizations and clergy in a regulation and confirmed as the hopes that had placed the Catholic side in the Concordat. On July 20, 1933 the Reich Concordat in the Vatican signed solemnly by Pacelli and by Papen, the ratification by the German Empire took place on September 10, 1933. The Concordat regulates the mutual rights and obligations of the German Empire and the Roman Catholic Church in the German Reich. The Concordat consists of three parts. The negotiated results be enshrined in 34 articles. An additional protocol contains further provisions on 13 articles. An annex regulates the liberation of priesthood candidates from this military service, as well as in the event of mobilization in the event of the introduction of a compulsory of military service the approval of the clerics, religious and seminarians in the medical service. While the negotiated results and the additional protocol were published, the annex was kept secret because its rules were contrary to the Treaty of Versailles.

American Photo

Umbras graphics designer Paul Rowan and the first multi picture photo frame from the window of a hotel looks a goldfish and wonders where’s the room service. No, that’s no story by Kafka. Actually it is not even a real hotel, but a rectangular aquarium with facades and different sized Windows. An another funny idea of the design company Umbra. Umbra means shadow in Latin. Umbra product range further ranging from the Chair to photo frame, picture frame, games, watches and so much is not gloomy, but colorful dazzling. The ideas are innovative. Behind this is the origin of the name.

Designed for 31 years ago the founder and graphic designer Paul Rowan a sunshade for his window. In the shops, he found was simply no product, which told him to. The satisfaction of this creation was more products will follow. Finally, he teamed up with a friend and established UMBRA. Products from this House now set the daily living environment of many people throughout new to the scene.

By the way, they received numerous prizes and self-confessed lover, like the American talk Queen Oprah Winfrey. Everyday products of the different collections include also the well-known wood photo frame, framing, photo books, creative picture frames and photo books suitable for private events. A typical photo frame or frame from Umbra contains three to 15 images. Very noble comes the framing / frames chandelier. Three frames of wood – shaped as amulets – concatenate connected by a string of pearls. The picture frame is an elegant accessory for the elegant living room. Young people with sparkling creativity are at least as often find it when they search for their WG framing or photo books. Many nested inside each other, individual and different-sized photo frames make an impressive photo wall. The works of the umbra Designer are often three-dimensional and sometimes seem to develop a life of its own. Even so a rarely regarded as a waste container will the highlight, leaving its cylindrical shape and beats many smooth bends, like the bathroom trash can. Abstract designs, three-dimensional watches lead the time to read easily in every minute. Just as abstract, the chairs by Umbra swing their backs. So playful products, it is no wonder that games are produced. Sure no one previously has played with such clubs and networks such as at the Pongo Ping pong game.