Western Stairs

The average age the Western and in particular the German company is growing continuously. With the aging unfortunately often also associated physical ailments. Elderly people often have problems with the carrying of shopping, with longer pedestrians and especially with the stairs. From high-rise buildings, shopping centers and parking garages is known as a virtual elevator is. Elevators, however, are very expensive to build and also very expensive. For older people who find climbing stairs difficult, or even for a staircase is an insurmountable hurdle, a stair lift is a helpful and often financially more affordable alternative. Even in your own four walls, the staircase from ground floor to the first floor, sometimes a difficult obstacle to be mastered and the installation of a lift is due to static or spatial conditions at all possible.

In such a case, a stair lift is the only tool that can help. For people with a physical disability a stair lift is often the only way to overcome, stairs. Stair lifts are now available in numerous designs and finishes, so that they can be integrated seamlessly into the setup and design of a house. The viability of stairlifts in one hundred kilograms up so that a person with a wheelchair to be transported easily. The drive is usually a 24-volt battery and the controller is usually with the aid of a joystick. Thus, each serving a stair lift. Top and bottom of the stairs is a call button so that the stairlift always ready at the right floor value. You can almost always be folded so that the steps used to continue normally. For use in indoor environments usually a running rail installed on the stairs, so that the stairlift always securely holds its track. Most stairlifts have a belt system, so that the Tranportierten happen in any case something if he hinaufgleitet the stairs.