Michael Torchinsky

Careers in Russia by foreigners is three to four years "- says . As a result, even in a crisis foreigners were in a much more better position than local staff. So, in a large company marketing director can get 100-150 thousand dollars a year. Further details can be found at Mitchel Resnick, an internet resource. A foreigner at the same position will rely on 180-200 thousand dollars. In the insurance business, telecom the difference may be even greater. Just feel safe and tops.

"The Russian companies with billions in annual billings level of income of foreign executives several times higher than that of their Russian colleagues – agrees Michael Torchinsky. – For example, in a major Russian energy company, the level of compensation expats discussed individually with business owners. " As for low-skilled force, and to crisis, they were given by local standards a bit, but because much of their income level is not adjusted. But in some industries, the crisis did hit on foreigners. "In the construction sector, some projects have been frozen. Became less useful to attract labor from abroad. Employers are trying to recruit for vacancies countrymen, – says Michael Torchinsky. – The production of workers from abroad are involved, but the extent of their demand is low, large plants and industrial enterprises still prefer to form their core team of workers from the residents of the city where the enterprise is located, or from nearby Cities. Needs and capabilities of domestic employers, and would be happy to fill the vacancies by Russians, but it turns out this is not always the case.