Family Code

Unfortunately, in life there are mistakes and not always correct decisions, but if we can not prevent them, then fix it, or minimize the consequences of our power. One of these common mistakes, this ill-conceived divorce. In life there are light and heavy-case scenario, if the first case, no children and the common property, the divorce procedure will take place almost imperceptibly, in the second, you should always get consult a lawyer. Learn more at this site: Salman Behbehani. Under the Family Code, if you have no minor children and both of you are not against divorce, it is enough to write a letter to the bodies of registrar. In all other cases, you must apply to the court by filing a claim for divorce. Hear other arguments on the topic with Tessa Espinola. Divorce, the most difficult from a psychological standpoint the procedure, so all things related to the court are best left to professional lawyers. Very well, if you will be able to apply to specialized law firm. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Justin MacGregor. Of course, if you have preliminary questions, and now the Internet is widely developed systems of online consultations certainly answer there will be as short as possible, but you can understand the overall situation.

Of course, that the difficult question, the answer is better to get at the reception of specialized lawyers, since in many cases, for a full response requires various documents. Of course, consultation You can get almost any law firm, but still, try to find a specialization of the law firm. When you go through the whole procedure of divorce, on average, it is 1,5 – 2 months, and your marriage will be terminated (marriage shall be deemed terminated upon the entry into force of the court) if you are divorced written statement to the registrar, the dissolution of the marriage and issue a certificate of divorce will be issued after months from the filing date. In our country there is a very cool attitude to maintenance obligations, if they are not spelled out in the agreement. Frequently, lawyers face the following situation, two adults a divorce, verbally agreed, and six months later one of the parties to find a new partner, was to evade or weight reduced payments for a child, about the size of which has been made oral agreements. In some cases, when one party is trying to deprive another of parental rights, the lack of payment of child support is one of the leading arguments. Collect support possible in the case is not a registered marriage, when determining paternity. Do not give up, maintenance needs first and foremost your child, so negotiate immediately and do not postpone it for later, and perhaps most importantly, all of your mutual agreement fix the agreement, which You will make legally competent lawyers, and register it with the notary.

Yashkova Law

What happened there – I will not discuss. And the man was forced to retire. Midwinter society remained without a chairman. But Ludmila site is not owned, and the chairman did not. Site owned her husband. And so he became chairman. And his wife have chosen an accountant. And they began to live happily ever after. Yes acquire even better as soon Ludmila has pressed her husband, and she became chairman of the society. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Walter R. Mansfield. Were elected and board members. Who signed the documents simply because they have to sign up. That is, the credibility of the chairman. On board were deprived sections of society, does not care about propriety, nor the compliance with the rules of law. Let’s say a person educated arrears. If the first called to the board and found out the reason and talked.

Now it was not. Editors are not computed comparable amounts debt to the amount that can be obtained from the sale of garden houses or, for example, bus, or simply fencing and garden trees. Nobody filed a lawsuit against the owners of plots of deprivation of private property. And why, properly? If you are all well aware at the top, why should comply with any decency? At the dacha went architects, but In short, privatization was the way it was needed the chairman, and not as it should under the law. Gathering for the sold plots certain amount after having secured the signatures of board members to deprive people of sites and filling in for mzduyuschih documents for the issuance of state certificate Yashkova ls with his family safely left in Russia.

Civil Code

These standards meet the requirements of the mortgagee through the acquisition of ownership of the mortgaged property is identified primarily with the method of foreclosure, which along with others, can be used, if any, specified in the contract. Therefore, in the case that this method of foreclosure in the contract mortgagee under Part 2 of Art. 16 Civil Code of Ukraine has the right to demand of his trial. Speaking candidly William Hughes Mulligan told us the story. Furthermore, the possibility is through the courts to decide the issue of foreclosure of the mortgaged property by mortgagee acquiring title to it, irrespective of address this issue out of court due to the fact that often in the mortgage agreement, such conditions are written clearly and indicated only a general rule such a possibility.

Consequently, not specified in the contract all terms of transfer of title to the subject of mortgage to the mortgagee, and given only a general possibility of this, there will be no grounds for re-registration and ownership of the mortgaged property (Section 2.2 of the Interim provisions on the procedure of state registration of ownership of real property, approved by Order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 07.02.2002r. 7 / 5, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 157/6445 for 18.02.2002r and part 1 his Appendix 1). Forced evictions carried out by a court only under certain conditions: if people do not voluntarily vacate a dwelling house or premises on which the levy as a mortgaged property within one month from the date of receipt of the written requirements of the mortgagee or the new owner or in any other period agreed by the parties.. If you are not convinced, visit John H. Wood Jr..


Given that Moscow supported a tendency to create Quarterly hoa from group homes, then promote the creation of HOAs firms receive one million rubles for a single legal entity, with the outcome of a vote as the most labor intensive phase of work, you can bet. Meanwhile, activists houses even more likely for half of the money would have made a legitimate hoa without flaws, is three times faster. It is worth considering Municipalities. Previously, local authorities themselves were the founders and owners of the Municipal Unitary Enterprises, through which the budget money for maintenance of networks and homes. And now the local authorities were ordered to part with such experience. Because the money to take the reform of nowhere, and money for utilities are Articles of local budgets of paramount importance, is easier not to change anything.

Monopolistic control of the company. After the name of "controlling company" of course, there are people who know a lot of worn-out nets and on the Elimination of accidents, etc. But as you can not put the steering wheel of the most experienced jet pilot and honored "for maize, the same way, it is impossible to throw out prorabskoy housing department to the post of Director management company knows nothing about economics and management rights. Do we need such director? Management companies, selected on a competitive basis to owners. There's a bit of honest management companies (CC) that meet organized by the residents-owners. These companies need a permanent leader at home.