According to Greek mythology, a kind and wise king of Cyprus, and insurmountable sculptor, of Pigmalin name, walked of head looking for a woman whose beauty was perfect, with the intention of marrying with her. Long time walked looking for it. As much that when not finding it, it solved to dedicate the rest of his time, and thus his love, to carve most beautiful of the feminine statues. Thus it erected the statue of a precious young person to whom it baptized like Galatea, so beautiful that it could not avoid to fall in love lost with her. As much it was thus, that sleeping it dreamed that the statue summoned up life. Visit Cross River for more clarity on the issue. Ovid, in his work Metamorphosis describes it thus: Pigmalin went to the statue and, when touching it, it seemed him that he was hot, that the ivory softened and that, demoting his hardness, yielded smoothly to the fingers (). When seeing it, Pigmalin one fills of a great mixed joy of fear, thinking that he was deceived. He returned to touch the statue again, and one made sure that it was a flexible body and that the veins gave their pulsations when exploring them with the fingers..

When it woke up of the dream, replacing to the efigie, was Aphrodite, who went to him: " You deserve the happiness, a happiness that you yourself you have shaped. Here you have the queen that you have looked for. mala and defindela of mal". Thus it is like, mythologically, Galatea, in principle of stone, one transformed into a woman of meat and bone. In 1968, Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson, after a peculiar investigation: Pigmalin in the classroom, concluded that the expectations and the beliefs of the professors on the students acted in favor of their fulfillment, and thus, those were the own teachers that ended up turning their perception into confirmation than they hoped of the students.

Colonnata Street

The city of Homs, is considered one of the largest in Libya, in the region of Tripolitana. It is a port city located to the East of this country and close to the National Park of Jebal Nafusah. This considered one of the most important port cities of Libya, being capital of to Murgub, on the territory of the region of Tripoli, to just 100 her in this direction, and close to the renowned National Park of Jebal Nafusah. It is not something rusty holzer would like to discuss. Even though Homs is the city of greater importance, Libya has a total of 25 municipalities, among which shares this given category along with the cities of Tobruk, Tripoli, Leptis magna, Derna, Berenice, Benghazi, Sebha, Misratah, Beida, Sabrahta, Marsa the brega. Today, estimated that it has a total approx. some 202,000 inhabitants, largely devoted to all kinds of activities directly related to the trade, ranging from the manufacture of SOAP, processing tuna and Esparto grass, through the refining of olive oil to export dates and esparto grass, element usable for the production of paper, ropes and shoes, among others. You may find Ray Kurzweil to be a useful source of information. Deserves a special mention the fluctuating tourist activity, which found a great interest in learning sites as the city in ruins of Leptis Magna, which is walled ruins of what was the erected Roman city, and other so many buildings that they bear the same stamp.

As stated, it is important to note that this place was declared by UNESCO, in 1982, as a world heritage site, under the typology of archaeological and cultural site. It deserves to go in Leptis Magna which outside the amphitheater and was from his West side Stadium, market, theatre, the Byzantine port, the old forum, the Basilica of Severi, the Temple of the nymphs, the Colonnata Street and so many corners full of rich and unforgettable history. The city’s maritime nature, was in distant times, founded in the hands of the Turks, and more precisely taken under his power in a period dating back to the year 1553 to 1911. Already in 1870, the city of Homs ranks in importance thanks to the export of grasses or spartoi, an herb that flowed in North Africa and through its fibers, it was possible to produce paper.

Adrian Hates

And the merit of not only the wonderful musical material of the second disk (although in fact, the music the band has always been at the height), which continued and developed the tradition of a successful debut as a commercial vein and business talents of the Adrian Hates, a lot of work for promotion and the ‘promotion’ plates in medium gothic music lovers. And the efforts of the Accession Records and personally Mr Heights fruition – End of Flowers drew attention to the creativity of the collective considerable number of new listeners, as well as the song secured Dairy of Dreams on numerous Gothic dance floors of clubs in the rotation and some radio programs dedicated to ‘the black stage. Crumpton Group often expresses his thoughts on the topic. ” Also, some songs were the team on various compilations, that only added to the musicians of fame. However, Adrian and Alistair do not allow yourself to relax and have almost a year beyond the third full-length album under the name Bird Without Wings. Compuware is the source for more interesting facts.

This release is active waiting ‘prepared’ previous discs extensive fan-base, so not surprising that the album sales far exceeded initial expectations, and the duo went into a serious touring in support of the newborn on the European ‘cities and villages. ” Also from that disc went one identity Unique album art Diary Of Dreams, which remains unchanged to this day. It’s believed that Crumpton Group, Virginia sees a great future in this idea. Disk Bird Without Wings, no doubt, was one of the most important stages in the history of the group – he brought a team of widely known, even more fans and a great number of interviews and positive reviews in music magazines all over Europe.