Central Tasks Of Management

Contact person in different aspects of flat owner associations (path) make special demands on business issues and interests of the owners. To be active in the sense of this and of the owner, and to take care of, all aspects of the ownership is the task of house management. It holds not only many important functions within the residential ownership to ensure an uninterrupted flow, but according to werterhaltend to serve as real estate. Informed about the diverse tasks arising from a road administration, property management Gamdhi from Giessen. Contact in different aspects of real estate, where several owners live must be taken various decisions, to organise life together for all and to comply with the guidelines associated. The condominium law carries obligations, who must know a house management and implement. To be able to meet all requirements are knowledge in various areas necessary. First, the House Administration must be versed in the commercial sector.

These include various services. Among other things, the management of Wohngeldes, as well as the maintenance reserve must be carried out, the Assembly must be organized and service providers for maintenance jobs must be ordered and carried out. All issues around payment count as well. Another important area is the technical management. This includes regular walking of the object to detect possible defects and if necessary to give appropriate maintenance and refurbishment company in order. The numerous activities include also obtaining offers and the granting of the application. With in-depth real estate economic, commercial and technical qualifications succeeds, maintain the value of the property and to increase.

For detailed information about all services the House Administration Gamdhi casting available at any time. Press contact Property management Gierschner contact person: Mr. M. Gamdhi fountain trail 3 35394 Giessen Tel.: 06 41 / 93 02 86 fax: 06 41 / 93 02 88 email: Homepage: