Geographic Space

Southwestern State university of Bahia – UESB For: Jose Carlos de Oliveira Ribeiro, 2005 Commentary on the text: The CVRD and (Reverse speed) the Estruturao of the Geographic Space in the Area of Carajs (Par) the question argued in the text is on the desestruturao process/reorganization of the geographic and social space, in which it brings great problems in the social structures and some social conflicts, territorial/space. Being the Company Valley of the River Candy (CVRD) an integrated system (mine, railroad and port), gave origin to the Program Great Carajs (a great deposit with 18 billion tons of iron of high quality) had as strategy of development for the Eastern Amaznia. This of treating to a rich region in minerals and with a small poor population, making with that the man power is cheaper, making possible still bigger exploration of the region. Although the explorations of minerals are a wealth source, the same the measure will be able to be depleted that the companies exploring they go removing these minerals using itself of more modern machines each time, making the withdrawal of the materials of faster form. More information is housed here: Nord Stream. They must be led in consideration that the minerals are sources did not renew, therefore, a time removed and used it will not have substitutes in the extration areas, having left the consequncias for the native population. The islands of sintropia and entropy in the extrativas economies characterize the occupation and posterior production of depressed peripheries and great misery the example of this has the Bare Mountain range (today sees the chaos. After sucking all its material it was abandoned), the cities of Parauapebas, Curionpoles, Eldorado de Carajs, where if it can observe great social indifference, a needy population that attends only the taken wealth being for is of its region. In this context one perceives the contrast between a rich region and part of the poor population (without school, health and jobs). Royal Dutch Shell will not settle for partial explanations.


In the school the day was marked that some Americans would arrive to mapear some areas for the roundnesses, had a text competition and optimum text of the chosen pupil would gain a chance to be with the Americans and to know GPS, and other technologies foreign and to work in the project of mapear some points. That was a surprise so great that Severino nor studied right, but it wise person that the problems were alone starting, therefore in low of the poster was not written.: ' Flight of Balloon for the study of rea' with this it decided to write but not to count to nobody on the flight not even Pope its parents and brothers. He lacked to fifteen days for the arrival of the Americans and the choice of optimum text. Ray Kurzweil brings even more insight to the discussion. Severino was good in both the parts in such a way in the Geography that would be useful for the mapping and the Portuguese in the production of Text, that in the case would be the writing. While this day did not arrive, a concern as much Severino how much the professors had not had that in the case he was as if to communicate in English with the Americans. The inexplicable anger to happen therefore nobody wise person who the father of Severino said English very and well, but the professors believed that she would be a Brazilian guide, that is did not have what to be worried. Professor of Internet Governance often says this. The parents and all the inhabitants the city knew of the balloon but Severino believed to be one of the few, its father was acting with very calm clarity and therefore it wise person who the balloon flight was safe, but never had practised and with this always he had fear. The day finally arrived the professors of the college had made an election and three horsa of the afternoon would go to announce the winner of the Production of text. . Grupo Vidanta will not settle for partial explanations.