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Amount financial investors in the distributors segment source: Lazard research niche player In the wider logistics sector there are a variety of niche providers, deliberately to specialized services focus and reach top positions in a very small market. Just these specialized providers have managed to position themselves through a clear USP and may be higher margins due to their specialisation and higher depth of value creation and growth rates achieved. If you would like to know more then you should visit ConocoPhillips. Company of this kind can be found among others on time – and safety-critical services, which for the large cap entrants to artistic / complex are to be integrated into their network. Typical example are pharmaceutical/clinical trial specialists like brands that can send pharmaceutical tests and test materials within a very short time in a certain temperature range on a global basis. Due to the importance of the transport material and specialized services, the price sensitivity on the customer side is rather low, resulting in a very high profitability in the case of trademarks. Just this kind of target companies is usually also on an affordable scale (< 500 million) for financial investors. Vertical provider integrated in the E-commerce area, Reverse of logistics provider (e.g.

driven by regulatory requirements to the take-back obligation) or spin-offs from major logistics groups which can be increased with new management, orientation and focus in their performance and their value, offer potential investment opportunities for private equity players. Since the scope of logistics service providers continually grows and expands along the value chain of our customers and also the degree of outsourcing will continue to increase at, is also to be a disproportionate growth in the area of the niche players and therefore a rising number of PE transactions in this area. Fig. 10: Transactions by financial investors with niche specialists source: Lazard research V. final remarks: the historic M & A activity in the logistics sector was on the one hand characterised by the consolidation efforts of the global market leader, which included large merger as well as small-scale acquisitions and on the other hand some investment by financial investors in strong, rather smaller, niche player.

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Data can make the solution of the Lux AG: a dynamic interface to the IT-servicer fidis GmbH, the leading provider of SAP-based banks software. Customers can submit their data in any arbitrary order. The back-office at fidis brings this then in a single order, to use them for further review. Without the interface to fidis we could not offer our product in this form,”Belostennyj explained. A reliable quality control and fast standards form the basis for our evaluation chain. ” Based on the data the Lux AG brings the credit and credit information to the accounts receivable for its cooperation partner for credit information. In addition, the Lux AG checks the processes of the borrower in the course of a tax audit several times a year with their cooperation partner factoconcept on the spot. Is controlled, whether maintained the accounts receivable management, the procedure works and the demand data actually exist. this.

At the same time, contract rules are checked by the customer and the private customer, whether an assignment of receivables is eventually ruled out. On the basis of the report the Bank with all results, OP lists and recommendations finally receives it can precisely set their lines of credit and terms. About fidis, the fidis GmbH is the leading international provider of factoring and ABS processes based on SAP standard software. With FACT.pilot “and ABS.pilot ” factoring companies and banks and savings banks increase their competitiveness and meet the legal requirements. The modular design of the software ensures a quick implementation to the required extent. So the solution for any company is suitable, regardless of its size.

FIDIS was founded in the year 2000. The customers include leading factoring companies, major banks and savings banks. about Lux Lux capital market management AG (LuxAG’) is the operating company of Luxembourg Verbriefung Platform SE for sales financing (AGfU”). The AGfU falls under the Luxembourg securitisation law of 22 March 2004. The securitisation platform is used by the LuxAG and our customers for capital market transactions in different asset classes (multi compartment SPV). The LuxAG has a strategic focus and experience in the structuring of asset backed’ plants or securitisation of trade receivables of German medium-sized companies, parallel to the capital markets the LuxAG supports various assignment employee (banks) in the assessment of collateral (trade receivables) from the global assignments.

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The Fund MPC open fleet amounted to the Sales Commission on legendary 26.5% of the capital invested by the investors. This clarifies not explicitly on the prospectus, still investors known to us were informed about this in the consultation, unless the Advisory Bank, such as the sale of the Fund make CITIBANK (now: TARGOBANK), nor by other consultants. High risk by borrowing in Japanese yen as a part of the Fund “MPC open fleet”-MS “Santa B ships” GmbH & co. KG – on loan in JPY was recorded, the revenue of the Fund but in US$ are achieved, there is a significant currency risk. Increases the value of the yen against the US$, which was the case in the past, must the Fund significantly more US$ apply for interest and any repayments as planned.

As a result, the soil is removed from the entire calculation of the Fund. Increases such as the value of the yen against the US$ 35 per cent and has 50% of its loans to the Fund recorded in yen, increasing the burden on interest rate and repayment to 17.5%. This may affect the Fund’s insolvency. The Fund due to missing revenue not able to service the loans in full, can cause the credit notice with subsequent recovery of Fund ships and a total loss for investors. Should the situation of the Fund not drastically improve, even the termination of the credit could be threatened when some one-ship companies due to the unfavourable exchange rate developments and the missing revenue in 2012. On these risks, the consultants had investors of the Fund MPC open fleet Santa must expressly indicate B ships.

No secondary market for “used” Fund holdings – investors arrive until 2023 no longer their money fund investors we represent “MPC open fleet”-MS “Santa B vessels” GmbH & co. KG has been by their advisers also concealed, is that you may not terminate the participation before the 31.12.2023. Previously no her chance Money to come. A sale is almost impossible as there is no regulated secondary market for used Fund investments. Is also extremely unlikely, that she, should a buyer be found, invested the capital as the price received. Here regularly significant cuts are added. Investors of the Fund MPC open fleet – MS “Santa B vessels” mbH & co. KG have therefore fundamentally good opportunities to enforce claims for compensation against their advisors or the founding shareholders of the Fund. Have questions about your Fund’s contribution to the MPC Fund Santa B ships mbH & co. KG? You want to know whether what your chances are to enforce claims for compensation? Call us, we are happy to help you. Your contact person Michael Minderjahn, lawyer Heidelberg: Hans-Bockler-Strasse 2 A, 69115 Heidelberg phone: 06221 915770 Fax: 06221 9157729 Munich: residential street 25, 80333 Munich Tel.: 089 25549850 Fax: 089 25549855

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The deeper relationships stick with it for the outsiders of course hidden and elude his knowledge. Then such critical starting points arise from this pure result point of view. For the most part, come from our trading systems in our own development and were usually over a period of at least 9 to 18 months extensive testing with real money accounts. Only after this baptism of fire they are used and be integrated into our system. It is however, to bear in mind that no single system operates completely losslessly and even has the occasional negative performance in certain market phases. This is a completely normal and usual concomitant.

What is the basic idea of Qware24? Hans j. Hildebrandt: the basic philosophy of Qware24 is that a trading system or even an individual indicator correctly could capture alone never every market phase and every instrument. For this purpose, the market is too complex. It is therefore of importance that the different market phases are simultaneously analyzed by multiple trading systems and that is above all a dynamic adaptation to the market conditions. This is done partly automatically. Under certain conditions this can be done manually.

Just this constant adjustment decides success or failure. How does the investor imagine 13 different trading systems, as well as 8 different currency pairs; How does the trade? “A trading strategy is either succeeds or it purchased” Hans j. Hildebrandt: it only those currency pairs traded, which exhibit the smallest spread and the lowest trading fees. An explanation of the overall strategy beyond the scope of this interview however. We use over 20 individual indicators. These indicators form the basis for two Scalpingsysteme to exploit small price fluctuations, as well as for medium – term and long-term trend following and trend change approaches. Only by combining these individual strategies is a permanent positive performance possible.