Common Errors

Rule 1 of the complex sale: A complex sentence begins after the main selling an error during a complex sale: Seller immediately calculates the complex sale, and therefore begins to "persuade" buyer to purchase an additional yet to meet basic needs. "What do you interdigital septum? The main reason for your problems – flat foot, so you absolutely need it insoles! "Rule 2 the complex sale: A comprehensive sales must pass gently and naturally, without "vparivaniya" and the particular pressure. Good complex sale is more like a friendly advice. Buyer's decision must be deliberate and calm. Error 2 during the complex sale: Seller utmost to influence the buyer so that he made additional purchases immediately. In the course are "horror stories", threats, persuasion, manipulative techniques.

In this case the buyer and seller rushes did not give him time for reflection and awareness of the problem. "If you do not buy a jersey right now, you necessarily have any complications, and it will be worse!" Rule 3 of the integrated sales: Complex sale should be based on existing problems of the buyer failed to 3, with the comprehensive Sales: Sold with no real reasons for the additional purchase tries "to pull the ears" of the problem that may arise when the buyer of the existing problems. The combination of such a reception with manipulation often provides a good "exit" on complex purchases, but also often leads to increase in the number of returns and reduce customer loyalty to the outlet. One of the often pop up techniques – emotional problems complication buyer. "What are you! To this must pay close attention, or six months later you fall off your feet! "Rule 4 complex sale: A comprehensive sale begins when the buyer failed to ascertain the needs 4 for the comprehensive Sales: Sold in clarifying needs of the buyer misses important points in his "health biography", which leads to the loss of additional opportunities for further suggestions.