Thank Bodo Schaefer

We bought new apartment, new in the truest sense of the word, in credit (and this is the only loan that we had with my husband in my life!) Thank Bodo Schaefer and other teachers of success, they allowed it! And the apartment had to pay! Yes, it does not Say what you like, but for fun in this life you have to pay and pay in cash! My husband tried very hard, but the support from my side would be very handy and I was looking for, I wanted to help "4. We grew up the son. And know this, very good topic that would think about what we can give him: a health, education, life itself. 5. Well, even in detail, although it is actually very important point: we did not have dollars, bank accounts, airbags, passive income travel to other cities and countries, and indeed I hardly saw my husband, and he menya.Ya it was home, and he with all his strength and capabilities pa-pai-tal. 6.U I had time to think that And I thought: when ironed or washed, when washing the dust or washing the floor when fried patties, or cooked borscht I kept thinking that I was so energetic, not a stupid woman who wants to be useful to society and the people around him, suddenly overboard What do all the good things to others? Not me? "But what remains me, my son, my husband? Since I left my data in many staffing agencies, I periodically called and invited for an interview as later transpired, but it later transpired in the network .I I went and listen 7.Oh, as I did not want to part with his freedom! Yes, I'm on a horoscope, cancer, and my inherent contain its shell in order and cleanliness, to see how a son and accompany her husband to work in the morning and evening to meet him in starched apron.