Venezuelan Technology

Among companies that began to adopt outsourcing are General Motors and Banco Republica, Distribuidora Benedetti. Scope outsourcing should be seen as a process that is going to make more competitive companies since the demands of clients require increasingly higher levels of quality, consequence of a competitiveness where many companies present products of great quality. With the implementation of this tool is possible for the Organization to focus on its core business, allowing at the same time, that all functions are managed as if they were essential and strategic flexibility to deal with processes of change, a greater added value service (although not always at less cost) and the transformation of a fixed at a variable figure cost. Be aware that in the specific case of the use of technology which is where has focused primarily outsourcing, the advantages can be summarized into three:-access to a broader technological diversity and more complex systems. -Avoid technological obsolescence. -Optimize resources.

To deliver to a specialist management and technology development is accessed equipment and solutions that the company does not possess and which require a very skilled staff that the company neither surely has. As to the service provider core business is technology, the client stays updated and consequently also. The outosurcing allows them to the prune delve into other markets, venture into other scenarios, minimize costs, get better utilities impacts and benefits the Venezuelan organizations that have received great protectionism by the State, they can now avail themselves of their own activities penetrating new markets in alliances with successful companies and know take advantage of their strengths, opportunities presented to through this operation. New trends of globalization openings, new alliances, encourage power venture with outsourcing and know to take their advantages, the minimization of costs and a more efficient operation. It is said, that the message is clear, that the outsourcing not only has to do with reducing costs, but can also provide improvements in the business and technology services.