Radio Broadcasting

At the same time, soue 4-th type is required to divide the building into zones of fire alarm. And here we can say how the use of single-channel system with sequential notification in the various zones and the use of multichannel system with simultaneous transmission of different messages in different zones. Certainly, in soue 5-type, should be used only multichannel distributed system. Single-channel multiband soue for high-rise buildings and large objects. Figure 2 Build a powerful system based on the Omega equipment is very easy. Enough to have known the panel to add a few functional modules and your alarm system becomes a powerful multifunctional complex.

To implement the various options evacuation from high rise buildings, depending on the location of ignition and fire spread, the system allows to organize a safe evacuation by ensure a given priority alerts. Evacuation is performed automatically at pre-programmed algorithms alerts. Within each algorithm can be arranged up to 5 stages of development process of evacuation. In addition to creating user-friendly automatic fire alarm soue Omega can be used as a standard set of Radio Broadcasting with the ability to broadcast music programs, filing informational ads with remote speakers or phones in any area, a group of zones or all of the broadcast area at once. The system allows you to manage the inclusion of light boards and evacuation (emergency) lighting, remote door locks opening emergency exits, as well as manage the work of other actuators.

Multichannel soue for large objects in a multi soue Omega as an independent audio channels performs panel warning Omega SP-40 / 2. In fact, it is an autonomous local (zonal) soue responsible for notification and evacuation in a specific, fixed her zone fire alarm. Effective management of warning and evacuation can be carried out both in the zone of fire alarm, and with the central office. Monitoring and centralized management of all local soue performed by remote omega SP4-S, on which receives all the information on each system. Responsible attendant from a central location can effectively manage the multiband soue (send "alive" messages to any of the bands or activate alert voice messages recorded in digital memory panels omega SP-40 / 2. This principle of multispectral soue has a large number of advantages: Multiband soue became practically "unsinkable" because failure equipment in a particular area warning does not affect the soue in other areas; Failure of the central console or remote connection with it also does not affect the operation of local SOUE; Provides independent management in each zone fire alarm both locally and centrally; Since the panel multifunctional, in each zone can be created with its own structure soue necessary for this particular zone functions Warning and musical events; Easy installation soue solve the problem on large objects, consisting of several buildings or structures. Panel Omega SP-40 / 2 (SP80S) installed in separate buildings, and centralized management and monitoring is done through the control omega SP4-S; The system allows to build and gradually put into operation the new local system without disrupting the operation of existing systems. Such architecture of the multiband soue very useful in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Unfortunately, in this article, we can not tell you about all the advantages and opportunities Omega equipment. Get details information about the Omega and the production of Cooper Wheelock, you can at the offices of the manufacturer and the regional representatives, as well as site:, Information supplied by Omega Sound "