Christian Metz

It is possible to find in the thought of Durkheim significant elements in what it says respect to the studies of representations of artistic matrix, as the cinema, and here particularly the Brazilian cinemanovista movement. main objective of the cinema is to represent one definitive reality by means of an uninterrupted sequncia of images ece of fishes in constant speed in a screen. The necessity to make to be valid the world of the experiences and its complexity front the objective and concrete reality. Also existing one parcel of subjectivity in the flmica appreciation, which is submitted the interpretation of its some spectators. The reality is presented under the form of a representation, the real plan offers the necessary traces to this construction fantasiosa that is ece of fish in the screen and offered the public becoming real. So that the film exists is necessary that if it creates an orientation method that makes possible a team to orient itself in the creation process, a cinematographic language appears of this form that presents innumerable styles and forms, the seventh art engloba all the arts created for the man in this representacional game, where real elements are grouped giving form something pparently surreal. Christian Metz in its workmanship Significao in the Cinema, discourses on the importance of the cinema in the field of the representation of the reality. ' ' These consideraes only intended to remember aspect, among others, of the problem of the impression of reality in the cinema. Learn more about this with Salman Behbehani.

' ' segredo' ' of the cinema it is also this: to inject in the irrealidade of the image the reality of the movement and, thus. To never before bring up to date imaginary to a degree alcanado.' ' (METZ, 2010, P. 28) Metz analyzes the cinema through the potentiality that it exerts in the society, the image is the conducting wire of this representation, the photograph presents certain potentiality, but when it sets to tell if it becomes cinema.

International Day

Single mother or not, mother who creates tapeworm its offspring, mother widower, mother of the jailed husband, the husband alcoholic, the vitiated and dealing husband, mother of the son thief and the son outlaw. They are divine women and because not deities? Mother of social status economic more favored. Idem. Women, all the women. Yes all the women. Classification does not exist so that all we let us can affirm that the life would not have the color that it has, would not exist the mystery of a look or a smile maroto of a woman. Women who in them seduce with its ' ' pretinhos bsicos' ' , that in them its kisses and abraos inebriam with. Women.

Since the primrdios of the life, if they had made gifts in all the evolutivas stages of the humanity. Women, maximum workmanship of the CREATOR. Congratulations per its International Day? 08 of February. Donny Lucas understands that this is vital information. Divine festejada in full Brazilian carnival, and with much honor and justice. Women, who in the childbirth rooms give to the life and assist to give life. Women who in the simplicity of its people, weave the culture of a people, blessing, praying and blessing children with soluos, with worms and bronquites.

Women who read letters of the luck, predicting loves and adventures. Women who dirigem the destinations of a family, that they dirigem political party, university, facultieses, hospitals, banks, governments, trucks, taxis, that in the day the day of the streets, if puts in charge to leave sidewalk and clean streets, that in the heat of daily suns they sow, plant and harvest the foods that in are served daily. Women who in the boxes of the supermarkets, in say &#039 to them; ' good dia' ' that many times for they are not a good day, who place in the bags foods and dainties, that its wages do not allow at least one day to prove. Women who dry the sweat of the forehead of the surgeon, that they instrument for hours and hours when of the complicated surgeries and intense risk. Women cirurgies, that not only of the obstetricses, more than the other areas. Women specialized in oncologia who deal with its fellow creatures, as devotion, zeal and love. Women who live in the urban lixes catando a meat or bread chunk putrefata, to feed itself, stop later feeding with the milk of the chest its son or son. Women who in the quiet nights cover the streets attending abandoned for the life, distributing the foods, soups, covers and love. Women that in the desperation of the victims caused an accident in the roads, they give to the medical, psychological aid and fraterno. Women. We would be hours and hours enaltecendo vocs, women of all a sublime existence. One more time, our congratulations, per the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF the WOMAN who coincides with Brazilian Carnival. Festejemos all the women. Let us adore all the women. Let us love all the women. Bendigamos all the women. Blessed the women are all.

The Gestation

In more serious cases of the depression after-childbirth, some women present trend to the abandonment of just born or the same one to its extermnio. Physically, symptoms as gastroinstestinais alterations, with drying of mouth, of intestine, migraines, insnias can be indications of a depression (Souza, 1998). With regard to the established period of the depression after-childbirth, this only can be validated with such case this after occurs until the sixth month the childbirth. When this is said in treatment is based on the pharmacology and the psycotherapy. These methods are similar to the employees in the treatment of depressive upheavals in other periods of the life, thus proving its effectiveness (Rock, 1999). The use of psicofrmacos in the puerprio presents definitive contraindications due to the maternal aleitamento that can be compromised to excreo concentration of these medicines in milk.

One knows that for the woman who lives deeply a puerperal depressive upheaval, it is basic to promote in multicriteria way the contact between mother-son, considering its state of reasoning and perception of the reality, thus detaching passveis and appropriate forms of if making this contact. A psicoteraputica boarding is essential in the treatment of the puerperal depression, a time that the therapist together with purpera and familiar, new structures from the lived deeply reality will construct; being thus, the agreement becomes possible, the planning of adjusted interventionist actions concerning this new reality (Rock, 1999). To know if the mother will have or not depression after the childbirth, before the birth of the baby is very difficult. The women with previous trend depressive to the pregnancy require more attention of the familiar ones. The situation of the gestation also is an to be evaluated factor. A rejected pregnancy, or a gestation where it had problems more serious the personal level can provoke an association of the problem with the baby. Such factors also can unchain a depressive picture case the mother believe that the pregnancy was one badly.

Robert Kennedy

With the death of plus a brother, one expected that Ted Kennedy if candidatasse to the position of president of the Republic of U.S.A., but it did not have the enough ambition. A marcante fact that also contributed to brake its pretensions politics, was the death, in July of 1969, of a former-secretary its having to one it has caused an accident automobile where it directed an car that fell in the water, obtaining to save itself, but that at the same time it did not give nor asked for aid for its companion, that would have died hours later drowned. Ted Kennedy assumed the guilt, and was declared in state of shock with the death of its former-secretary, being condemned the two months of conditional arrest, at the same time where never it had greaters inquiries on the veracity of its version. John Groce is likely to increase your knowledge. Therefore, and for the fact of this tragic accident definitively to have marked it in its public life, did not concur for the presidency in the lawsuits of 1972 and 1976, concurring only for occasion of the presidential election of 1980, the indication for the Democratical Party, losing for its opponent for the candidate to the re-election, Jimmy Carter, who governed the United States in the end of the decade of 70. Not having another alternative in its public life and politics, it was turned, then, toward the defense of liberal causes, supporting, exactly being of family catholic, the abortion the marriage between people of the same sex, suffering severe critical from the Church Catlica and American Evanglica and even from the Pope.

Its trajectory politics also was marked by the intransigent defense of the rights of the immigrants and the control of firearms, vendidos easily in the Country. In the external scope, it had great performance politics, condemning the military dictatorship of Chilean general August Pinochet, the regimen of apartheid in the South Africa, the war of the Vietnam and the war of Iraq, beyond participating of efforts of peace in Ireland of the North. In 2006, the magazine considered it Teams as one of the ten better American senators, had all its description of life in the fight of the rights social politicians and of the minorities in U.S.A. For many analysts politicians, scientists politicians, journalists, and historians, its legacy in decades of legislative fights was more promising than left for its two other brothers, former-president John Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy. Its bigger capacity of joint placed it to politics as one of interlocutors Per five decades, practically all important legislation in the advance of the civil laws, health and economic well-being of the American people was marked for its name and resulted of its efforts. The Kennedys in the ownership of Barack Obama represented in 20 of January of 2009, being in chair of wheels due to a cirugia the one that if she submitted. Day 25 of August of year due to a brain cancer died the same.

CPC Being

The recognition of the other is not enough to assure the communication, the debate, but yes a teaching concrete of sprouting of the order of the world, the conscience human being; Discardings said: between the extension and the soul. ‘ ‘ To recognize the Other does not consist nor of discovering in it, as in me exactly, a universal Citizen, nor accepting its difference, but to recognize that we make, with materials and in different situations, the same type of effort to combine intrumentalidade and identity. It treats then to recognize the Other as Subject and of if thus recognizing itself as exactly Subject. (Touraine Alain). She is necessary to present in the schools on the nature of the societies and its complexities. The anthropology contemporary has today many possibilities and became a field of in such a way rich knowledge and complex, that is not more possible the capable generalista figure of dominates it in its some branches and trends. Walter R. Mansfield is open to suggestions. The question of the unit and continuity of the social systems continues as central control point of disciplines. The scene of the Brazilian poetry comes if desconstituindo from a valuation that if express by means of the diversity of groups and individualities poetical that they are given through the cult of ‘ ‘ eu’ ‘ .

In this direction the poet if places in a species of dawn of gnese, that is, I free of any rule or literary convention. See more detailed opinions by reading what Salman Behbehani offers on the topic.. The erosion of the literary system that backwards the idea of what it is not rule can modify the image of what it comes to be literature and what can be taught, what is said in this research of work is that to enclose the equality idea the presentation of the diversities is necessary and that for this has a igualitria conscience. Here significant poetries will be presented that if had kept for much time far from Literature for not being considered of value, breaking then this paradigm, are fortified here the singularity of the Brazilian poetry and its vast culture. In the poem ‘ ‘ Sounds for Lumumba’ ‘ , it in the account that its name is indian and that in its tamoio being or tupi if it calls Moacyr, son of fish of waters, son of pain andeja draining as rain in the eyes of our people. Moacyr Flix is the poet who organized and prefaced the three volumes of the series Violo de Rua, the poem election of some authors, in books of pocket, made for the CPC of JOIN. Moacyr Flix disclosed the necessity of if to weave one another one I sing to apprehend you strike them of the black man against racism and the neocolonialismo. ‘ ‘ Sounds for Lumumba’ ‘ , leader assassinated congols politician in 1961 (FLIX, 1966: 50): My name is indian, Lumumba: Since the cradle until the tomb I will call Moacyr. Flix wants the Europe of Rome and all to me opas that they had taught to me to trair with positions of savant my tamoio being or tupi: son of fish of the waters that take the highest point to the khaki one, son of pain andeja draining as rain in the eyes of people there. But my body, Lumumba, uiva a dog of treva and hurt all made of negror: is your Congo that lateja in this sofredor verse when the night to thus speaks me of what it dies in me, senzala under the relhos of the administrator.

Africa Columbus

Columbus congregated an impressive addition Of information, in the sea and firm land. It was a mixture of facts and fiction. It took the medieval cosmography of the library for the ocean. What it interested Columbus blinded and it was ' ' imaginary of mundo' '. One drew map with everything what it never had siso written to prove a specific thesis of this image.

The destination or the luck had very helped it. Instead of east, around of a hostile land, or to the south, it comes back of Africa, the natural way toward Asia would be the west. It was not the first one to think of this form, but only because he was so terribly been deceptive on the size of the land, he persisted imagining this fact: Asia could be reached sailing through the Atlantic the west. Of the factors that had contributed for the maritime expansion, it are the closing of the Mediterranean for the Arabs and the technological development, the factor most important was the European mentality of the world that started to move, Columbus is inserted in this context. The people if do not satisfy more with the conception of life as a closed circuit, as a peregrination, under the eyes of the Church, the sky to the purgatrio or the hell. Private exchange and profits had left to deser dirty words. It started to be born a new individualism from there, originating co the o its better fruit Renaissance, and as its worse fruit, the Capitalism.

It was not by chance that Spain, and Portugal if did not become financier of the taken over on a contract basis one of Columbus. Of the efforts of Columbus to raise deep, since the beginning Spain had been its only hope. Portugal was trying the south route, coasting Africa, had fact heavy investments in this project, that after 1486 smelled the success.

Body Relaxation

In the truth it is not to create, because the corpoastral already exists, but is a training of concentration and creative imagination. At night when it will be to sleep, it makes the relaxation of the body and the mind, usaro can method of relaxamente psicofisiologico. After relaxed body and mind, it makes use the eye astral as already taught here. He imagines (he sees with this eye), umponto of light, and to the few it goes increasing ties the size of a cabeahumana, when he will be of the size of a head, starts to give to form to this bolade energy, starts creating the skull, he imagines pontinhos of light if they transformandoem bone and thus giving he forms the head ties to form the entire skull. Later comecea to create the muscles, the skin, the hair the eyes, create one talk back of suacabea, in all the possible details. The good one it is to create each numexerccio part. Thus in one day it creates the skull, in one another one the muscles, later peleate that it has the form of its head.

When to finish the head, makes with queabra the eyes, sees it blinking and looking at pra you. To the little pass suaconscincia for it, of form that through the eyes of it you see its corpodeitado one in the bed, later he focuses the eyes of it with its conscience for osobjetos of its room trying to look at clearest possible, later quandoestiver I practise in this, it has taken stops other cmodos of its house and repeats osmesmos procedures. Later pass for its yard he ties to be bemfamiliarizado with all these environments. From he starts there to create partesque lack, and after each creation, repeats same the procedures, until tenhacriado the body all.

Gummi Bears

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National Strategic Investment Corporation

Factors watch each other closely and constantly interact, providing assistance to of5 eleven small business lenders OJ as another, which in turn means better service to their clients. The problem lies with the bond insurers called monolines, which have ventured into the very risky mortgage backed securities market. Again, its a matter of using your best judgment. As recurring revenue was building it was time to make the appropriate investments in personnel and systems in order to take the company to the next level. Give the state bar to call youll be glad you did with the merchant cash advance reviewws.

Many people feel that these bankers are thieves stealing from the public till who should be looking at jail time. Unfortunately these conditions created a massive amount of liquidity for home lines of credit, which meant that the capital was available for new mortgage companies to pop up in just about every corner. and to another. Certain retirement communities already do this. Factoring can be a solution to this issue. If you think gold is moving high now, you aint seen nothing yet The factoring firm can really help provide the financial discipline that a prospect as well as the opportunity to secure short term working capital needs. Alternative Economics was first introduced to the public through local investor clubs of the national investor group as a personal system of financial growth and an emerging industry by the National Strategic Investment Corporation (NSIC) in February 2005.

You should consult a licensed attorney in your area regarding your particular legal situation. While that happens, factoring is occasionally more ofsix than not dtwenty two by companies who are focused on growth. Also, if you are current and in good standing today with your monthly payments but recognize the coming months may get financially too tight, then be prepared and act now. HS rosy projections.


The integrated ThinPrint client of the TPR-10 also provides for more important security features such as encryption of print data. Bundled security for the first step common pull printing solutions are in the control either by the printer manufacturer-dependent or complex IT ecosystems. The TPR-10 Starter package allows companies, however, such a solution without much effort or expense in their company to introduce research & Development, executive management, for example, in a Department such as accounting, human resources/HR, or other business areas with sensitive data. With the TPR-10 Starter package, customers receive a bundle that allows confidential printing five users for twelve months with personal printing, without other components would be required. Extending the solution for other printers and users is unlimited. The TPR-10 Starter package available for CORTADO new customers, the deciding to buy the TPR-10 by SEH register for the extension of the warranty to five years. These conditions are met, the new customer receives a download link for the user license for five users.

Customers need licenses for other users, they can relate these to the applicable list price at Cortado. For more information about the TPR-10 Starter package: starterpaket.html about Cortado: since 1999, the Cortado AG formerly ThinPrint AG delivers solutions for the modern world of work. Printing, virtualization, enterprise mobility, BYOD are the main field of activity of the company. While Cortado combines innovative devices such as Smartphones and tablets with the classical requirements of Office work in the team across spatial and systemic. For the user, innovative, reliable, and with a high return on investment, the basic characteristics of Cortado products are simply that. Like no other company, Cortado takes seriously the issue of Consumerization. The daily feedback of the user his free cloud services from the Appstore is used to continuously improve the products. On this basis, Cortado allows companies the best possible implementation of an enterprise mobility strategy.