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The amanos in sports betting are more common than it seems. In tennis you are having numerous suspicions in many matches. For example happened with Davydenko a few years ago. I played against a player’s worst ranking than the and had won the first set. But suddenly moved a huge sum of money in favour of the opponent of Davydenko, becoming this favorite, and giving Russian soaring fees (and I repeat that it was already winning 1-0 in sets). Obviously, the match ended with the comeback of his Argentine rival, and alarms at Betfair jumped against the possible amano of Nikolay. Another example in tennis very recently, gave just a week. In a first round of Wimbledon match between Melzer and Odesnik, moved 300,000 euros of blow to the Austrian would win the match in three sets (fee which was paid above @4.00).

Betfair closed at that point all bets for that match. In the end, obvious. It won Melzer 3 – 0, and again arose suspicions of amano. At the conclusion of the match, both players are them He asked if they knew something about this issue, and the two denied amazed. As these cases, there are many others in tennis, though of lesser impact, which makes every day to question more this sport.

It is clear that we will never find an amano in matches of the TOP 5 players, however, are fairly abundant in lower ranking players. Do not think that they exist only in tennis, but also in minor football leagues, and even party as vital as the decrease in first Division, as it did with the Athletic and the Levant, when the first played it and the other does not. Be seen as van sports in Latin America than betting although they move less amount of money that in Europe, are increasingly popular. Original author and source of the article.