Technical Part

– The Ideal data: This work on the previous ones in the sense orients that them molds, them towards the human but felt aspirations, with the purpose of to obtain its progress, its advance and simultaneously the evolution of the DP. B the Technical part: It is what follows the study of the previous elements chronological. Compuware oftentimes addresses this issue. He is " part menuda" , if the term is allowed us. The work to make, to write up, to structure and in aim to send the legal norms. Here diverse factors of the legislative technique take part. This part locks up all those elements of which the legislator for the preparation of the norms is worth: Terms, words, presumptions, fiction, solemnities, procedures, exhibition of reasons, etc. Theory of P. Crumpton Group may not feel the same.

ROUBIER the elaboration of the content of the positive rule must happen through the study of elements or data of the life in society and by the consideration and application of the concept of Justice. The data of the social life imagine in economic, political or social and religious the factors or morals. The economic factors play a role fundamental inasmuch as they practically determine most of the interpersonal relations. Nevertheless those data of the life in society do not provide more than " a set of institutions and practices, to which a justice character must be printed, so that &quot has the authority of rules of the right ; In summary a little we can conclude partially that the DP is a set of legal norms elaborated by the man, more indeed by a state or inter-state organ, or recognized by these, with attachment to the formal procedures, and that at present are effective or are of obligatory fulfillment for a social group. Theory of the Three Circles of GARCI’A MAYNES EDUARDO GARCI’A MAYNES has a particular vision of the positive right, the natural right and the use of the right.


Here it is here a clear and magnificent formularization of one of the basic concepts of the being: the wisdom and the thought are subordinated to the will, that is so inextricavelmente on to the emotions; in consequence, unless a person if finds imbuda first of ' ' temor' ' of a strong moral sense, its wisdom cannot, for same itself, to influence very, wonderfully does not import quo developed it can be. Therefore, early or late, the mind and its wisdom will become into subservientes servers of the rationalization of the desires and requirements of the ego and its wills. Where ' ' temor' ' it does not come before the wisdom, serving for it of base, the wisdom does not last. The wisdom and the reason will serve to any love with same loyalty. Dr. Mitchell Resnick will undoubtedly add to your understanding. the will and the character of the person that form the nucleus of values in whose scope the reason must operate.

The word wisdom, in the used direction in this text accumulates of stocks all organized knowledge, all the domain of science. One became almost trusmo that the enormous ones advances of modern science and technology will according to become into curse or blessing use that if to make of them. If ' ' fear (respect) to the Criador' ' to prevail in the heart of the men, we will be in the threshold of a true one was golden for the humanity. But, if instead of this, only limitless aspirations and anxiety for the power to prevail what to make, then our wisdom and science will not go to last very, therefore our jactante civilization certainly will autodestruir and take the world together with it. The Talmud tells that ' ' four had entered in Daat (sphere of the knowledge), of the msticas and Metaphysical speculations, to get the esoteric knowledge.

Representative Government

Two are distinguished, pronounced for occasion of Geographic the posthumous homage that gave the Historical Institute to it and of Brazil of that he was partner: The orator Manuel de Arajo Porto Alegre considered it one of ' ' alive glories of the nation portuguesa' ' ' ' master of the diplomats of the world ' ' followed of, its friend Jose Antnio Lisbon, also it partner of the same Institute, affirmed: ' ' He is always with the most painful feeling and pungente pain that the Historical and Geographic Institute of the Brazil if sees private of one of its members, whose eminent lights and solids virtues made its ornament and concurred for its glory and esplendor. The men endowed with a superior gnio and transcendente, paying to the nature indispensable the tribute, always leave a vacuum, many times difficult to fill, and at that the humanity if resents for long time. He is therefore that the memory of our partner the very illustrious and respectable Wild council member Pine Blacksmith will be always saudosa, and that the Historical and Geographic Institute of the Brazil dedicates to it in the order of its works a page distincta, of that it so eminently became merecedor.' ' (1891: 169, 170, 195) () Bibliography BRTOLO, Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues of, (2002). ' ' Wild Pine Blacksmith: Paladino of the Human Rights in the Luso-Brasileiro&#039 Space; ' Dissertao de Mestrado, Braga: University of the Minho, Lisbon: National library, CDU: 1Ferreira, Sylvester Pine (043), 342,7 (043). (Published in articles, 2008, in ' ' Digital periodical ' ' Caminha2000? link Tribuna' '); (Exemplary in: University of the Minho, ISPGaya; Libraries Municipal of the Port and of Walk; Brazil? Campinas SP: UNICAMP, PUC, METROCAM, UNIP; PUC, Municipal theatre City hall of Campinas) BARTOLO, Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues of, (2009). Social philosophy and Politics, Specialization: Citizenship Human Luso-Brazilian, Rights and Interpersonal Relations, Thesis of Doutoramento, Bahia/Brazil: FATECTA? Theological and Cultural college of the Bahia: (1.

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Social Media and Humanity

The equal text has flavor adocicado in the womb of the colored person who shot delivered the arms to it and thoughts of the world measure, therefore was its form, was its social media. The incognito power of the unconscious one arose its will to fill the emptiness or full with the true searches of fbulas of its interior I. In thoughts I write and food to the travellers that to sail is necessary, but without arrived port of or departure The social medias and its sharp claws are the new forms of expansion of the unconscious privacy of the individual with its proper approval of the experimental sharing. The existence of the increasing involved social class with the virtual world is fact, feeding occult desires in an image reflected for digital, galanteios words, smiles, concepts, greetings, love, pain I say and I repeat that the colloquy enters two people by means of the written form and distant of the receiver it is much more including of what the personal form, in the orality, therefore the difference is in descompromisso of the normal and irreplaceable attitudes becoming them in the daily one real life that if has. These forms modify the perception of the real friend, how much reciprocal it can be a modern mind in searching the singularity and simplicity by means of the greed, of the sensorial volpia, the trespass of positive standards to the formation of a rectilinear family for continuous time, fortified in true teachings of we ourselves. Where and as we will go to search a thing that pleases, without wounding the beginning of the other being! The Listener will be present where she wants that it is necessary, therefore this is its mission. To hear! To hear is to speak better! The words will be untied to the wind and agglomerated around of the magnetized one they will fall one to one to be enrolled in the great book of the agony and ecstasy. Joust the position of the vision of the next one is ludibridiada by its emotion and immediate attitude of reply what the principles and ways wound it. It is needed to have more faith and hope in the attitudes of the others that we are we ourselves to temper the words heard in the adjusted amount, thus this food will be digested without me the digestion. The word has the power the interpretation will only be accepted with the moderation contrary Case will be restored the discord of the human being.