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The’s tree care portal of specialists from the region contains tree care portal provides a list of Web sites of such companies have professional specialized in the care and rehabilitation of trees. The work at height belongs to the numerous services up in the tops of the trees up with aid climbing techniques or special external devices such as stroke increase. The tree care directory regional sorted lists each Web page with a short description and provides a link directly to the website of the company. Tree care offer an extensive range of services around the tree of deciduous trees and conifers specialists, who are represented in the tree care portal. While it can be just as trees on private property such as for example a garden as conifers and deciduous trees in forests or public parks, streets and squares, as well as on public land such as schools. All areas of Arboriculture in the list briefly describes where the work at height of trees a special Importance is attached to.

Such tree-care measures affecting the area of the tree crown, their care and their protection are summarized under this term. Dead wood is removed as well as to lush warm branches. Extent to which tree nursing care measures must be made on and in the tree crown, is analyzed by the specialists in the particular case in detail. Tree care and tree remediation of endangered trees are listed and accompanied by a short description in the tree care portal only companies that are qualified as specialists in horticulture and landscaping work around the care of trees. As special equipment and safety precautions are necessary for the work at height on the tree tops to safely and technically correct according to the statutory safety regulations to carry out such work. Each directory listed in the tree care companies present their special equipment and techniques in the working at height in words and pictures and describe their service offerings.