You set goals and priorities. You see where you are and where you are going. It is also the time in which you perform the most important tasks without interruptions. YOUR approach can be 15 minutes or an hour (what you can or you consider appropriate). ATTEMPTS TO TERMINATE WHAT TE PROPOSE DURING THE DAY.

Once you focus your goals and organize your time around them will be easier to comply with them. So you’ll be more resolute, more vital, and you will be able to move forward. Select, PRIORITIZE and LEARNS to say now no. As far as possible, not you involucres in many projects nor obligations until you go not closing themes.Pay attention to what you say Yes and not what you say. Of all the tasks that you are carrying out what is important to achieve your goals and what is not? IT USES THE TECHNOLOGICAL GADGETS WITH COMMON SENSE. Spend your day glued to the mobile, BlackBerry or iPhone? Sometimes, these devices absorb our attention in such a way that we lose us what happens in the world our around. Recently a friend told me that he arrived late to a meeting with a client. He entered the elevator and was as entertaining writing a message of excuse, that did not realize that the client was at his side, elbow to elbow in the same elevator, watching him all nervous wrote to two hands are trying to justify virtually. New technologies are great and provide us with life, but beware the overuse that sometimes we make of them. Clear that there will be distractions and you have to be flexible during the day, but remember that having a work plan, spend each day a time to center it, prioritize, and use gadgets with common sense are 4 guidelines that will help you to stay a little more focused in your day to day. Original author and source of the article.