No less important are design features and quality of the system of compulsory screening and filtering of gases. Better if it would be a two-loop. In this case the pump is used simultaneously for pumping the filtered and drained the gas, and for automatic removal of condensate from the filter. The filter device is simultaneously used for the retention of mechanical particles, and to separate the moisture contained in the exhaust. He must be as safe and better multistage. Getting into the cell block spectrometric particles or moisture not only makes the error, but it can incapacitate the most reliable unit. Last but not least the role played by the performance of the pump.

It defines reaction time of the device to change the composition of exhaust gases. They are fed from the sample probe into the measuring unit by the length of hose with a small bore. It is desirable that the reaction time did not exceed 10 seconds. Many sites unit, their temperature is maintained with high accuracy. More convenient if the heating time analyzer to the working temperature is not more than 10-15 minutes.

On ease of use influences nature of the power unit. Combined (both mains and 12-volt battery) powered, allowing more flexible use of gas analyzer. In particular, if the dimensions of the gas analyzer is small, we can perform measurements of gas while driving. In general, miniaturization of diagnostic devices, such as gas analyzers – one of the main contemporary tenedentsy instrumentation. This is not a fad.