Immediate Career

Features of the best career sites in the world. 50 instruments and nuances. Perhaps, until that your company does not, but surely, someday will … Step number 1. Section of a career is easy to find and it causes an immediate interest! Reference to the section "Jobs / Career in our company" should be easily found on the main page of your site. No more than 10 seconds. Not more than 1 click. Key Points: Immediate cause emotions to keep your interest! Fast loading! The main page should have at least one section, paragraph, or news, designed for potential candidates.

For example, information about that your company is included in the ranking of the most attractive employers, or the like J You have to rekindle their interest as soon as possible! On the career section of your site people need to get not only and not with the main corporate page. You must have a reference to this section directly to the most popular "working" or other sites that may attend the active and "passive" job seekers. You may have to conduct a survey of potential candidates and to find out what sites they visit regularly? On the career section should be a link with information "products" and "service company". After all, your clients can also become your co-workers? The best thing that could make the 1st page "Career" – at once surprised and interested visitors. He should cry (at least mentally), "On" or "Wow." Grab their attention in the first 30 seconds! First – the facts: revenue growth, a high rating, awards list well-known clients, any other information supporting your success in the market.