In Gnesis

The question that envolveuAdo and its Eva wife if gave in the field of the ethics. The God had disobeyed and seenrodilharam in a tram of astuciosas lies, each one wanting to get rid dopeso of the guilt of the sin. First, Adam it made responsible Eva and indiretamentequis to accuse God: ' ' the woman who you me of this ' ' (Gn 3,12). Later, the woman jogoua guilt in the serpent saying that it deceives it to this (Gn 3,13). When opecado it enters in the seio of the family, the consequences are disastrous. In Gnesis3, the proper God lists a series of unfoldings: the foiamaldioada serpent; the enmity was established; the woman would start to conceive comdor; the land was cursed; the man would start to have fatigue. Moreover, houvea introduction of the pecaminosidade as characteristic of the race and, also, oprimeiro couple see to appear in the family one of its children with nature homicide.

Caim kills Abel, acometido that it was of uncontrollable envy. Remember the marriage of Adam and Eva had the divine approval. In the truth, forarealizado for the proper God. The fact is that the problems faced for Adam nose pointed out accurately in the conjugal life, but yes in the spiritual. Obviously, when the spiritual is not well, it provokes upheavals in the too much areas of life. This sample that until marriages approved for God can have problems.

necessrio, therefore, to always remain in the entire dependence Mr. 2) Afamlia de Ac: the sins of the disobedience and the robery (Js 7,1-26) – Ac was of the tribe of Jud. Joshua commanded the people to the time and had estabelecidoum injunction: if they could not take nothing of the neighboring heathen peoples. Tudodeveria to be destroyed. It was the anathema. It took who it would be cursed and trariamaldio on Israel.