Joseph Imbelloni

Here we return to digital and the contemporary. Or the contemporary and digital technology. The respective and inexorable parables goes when one consuming vital, and it is made from spirits troubled by searches that often go beyond the physical death, starts to become meat to the comtemporary is an episode of the eternal ephemeral. And maybe is from the creation, the comtemplacion and dissemination esthetics, from where one can realise, that one is not liked in his contemporary world, than an ephemeral, of the testimony of an eternity asaz carrier, our very embedded with divinity. And the stigma of the provisionality, acompanha to the notion of digital technology. Some of the many spirits, which in these times at all points of the globe, meditate on the impact of ICTs, argue that the distinctive note of TIcs., is speed. This notion of the speed of calculation, already the Toffler said, at the end of the 1970s, but many do not us gave told that was referring.

By that we then had begun the still slow process of democratization that believed the PCs. who by this time already access the current state of the Tics (which are empowered to associate with Internet broadcasting, the scan mode and even photocopying), will not intuiting what can happen when it is implemented, involving concepts as nanotechnology. Concepts such as: all What a man can imagine another may do it, or must always have the strength to break all limits, they can serve for the spiritual exercises that will prepare our mood, to take advantage of speeds of calculus, overcome, in quantities that I dare not label, capacity at our disposal today. If you could scan the color, line, sound, does that can wait, of the trigital (i.e. instead of binary to the trinary), in all fields, including aesthetic? And who assures, that other logics, to formalize more beyond the trinaria today redescubirnos in the aymara culture, like thinking Templar/cuatrernario that entrevio the argrentino Joseph Imbelloni in the forties his? Surely, is an aftertaste of the times that we hail, the close a speech with any conclusion. Devotees of the ethics of diversity and of the trasndisciplinario, notions that we abrevamos in the mathematician brasilenho Ubiraran D Ambrisio, current President of the project Latin American Virtual University, and aware of the limitations of all emprendimiento monografico, only hope that those who honor me reading these lines, continue deploying their personalities through what aesthetic for the growth of the human saga.