Lionhead Studios

Thus we can conclude that all ludonarrativo game is to hiperlinear divergent, but nor all game to hiperlinear divergent is ludonarrativo. A company who if leaves well in the field of the ludonarratividade is the Lionhead Studios, that possesss two series of well interesting games? Fable? e? Black and White? , both can completely be considered as ludonarrativas. Fable is a game where the player controls a hero who must follow its proper way becoming a good person, practising good actions and saving people, or becoming a bad man, killing innocent and stealing defenseless, or even though a balance enters the two types of person. Gameplay of Fable well is opened, the player can choose if it wants to be a warrior or one mago for the way of the evolution of its habildiades in elapsing of the game, can accept missions that they aim at to rescue somebody missing person or to help outlaws to pillage a place. It can learn to use different types of weapons, to choose if wants to kill or to save some of the villains of the game. If the alignment of its personage will be good, that is, if you practised good actions, you will deal you to the NPCs with affection and respect, contrary case they will fear and run away from you. Fable is a perfect example of ludonarrativo game, its history exerts great influence under gameplay and vice versa. In determined moment of the game, the player must choose if he wants to open hand of the life of its sister to empunhar the sword most powerful of the game, or if he wants to get rid themselves of the sword and to keep its alive sister. The choice of the hero does not depend only on the choice of the player, but also of its alignment, that is, the previous choices of the game.