In order to encourage participation from our readers, and know something of the people who follow us. Something like we do on Facebook and Twitter, posing specific questions, receiving answers almost immediately on any subject in particular to convert them later in an article. Promote activities. You can announce your events, conferences, product launches, etc. Whenever you have something new, let know your readers through an article on your blog, but that sounds not too to sale.

Intelligent use of your categories. Under my point of view not by much cover are going to seem like the best in this field. Perhaps with a number more limited categories, 5 or 7 at best, and a good schedule of publications, at least 2 times per week, the public reaches us to take as a reference in our market niche. Highlight articles most discussed. Every 6 months or a year is good to do an article where summarize the post more popular your blog.

You can also refer to more featured articles for your niche market. Invite other authors. Surely the classic option and that most found in the network, but for me, the most expensive, since we must create good relationships with other editors and that is achieved over time. In our favor is that they get links inbound to your blog, in addition to a good exposure with your readers. These are a series of points that I’ve been paging network in order to learn how to generate content on our blog. Perhaps many of them you sound families and others not so much. We can enrich the post with your opinions on the matter and if new ideas arise you share them with us, since your opinion is very important to me.