Madrid Work

The next work of Torrente is notable for the ambition of its purpose. The trilogy Los gozos and shadows – consisting of the Lord comes (1957; literature prize of the March Foundation in 1959), where turns air (1960), and Easter sad (1962-), considered one of his masterpieces and that it has been brilliantly adapted for television. Located in his hometown and immersed in the most objective realism Galicia, the work offers a portrait of the Spanish modern society where collide different conceptions of life, ideological and political positions, progress and tradition, etc., represented by characters of rich characterization. In keeping with the times, Torrente Ballester is progressing in its novelistic toward more imaginative terrain, partially abandoning previous realism. In Don Juan (1963), personal vision that recreates the old myth: it is, for some critics, his best novel. Again appears the realism in Off-side (1964), vision of the modern Madrid. His book the saga/flight of J.B.

(1972) is a fundamental title, which placed him among the masters of the Spanish narrative. He is the author, moreover, of Iphigenia (1949), fragments of Apocalypse (1977; Critics Award), cut hyacinth Island (1981; national literature prize), To my regret Filomeno (1988; premio Planeta), Chronicle of the flabbergasted King (1989; brought to the screen by Imanol Uribe), extraordinary Islands (1991), the death of the Dean (1992) and Pepe Ansurez (1994) novel, the undecided years (1997), among others. His plays include the journey of the young Tobias (1938) or the return of Ulysses (1946), and in his essay work and diaristica, Panorama of contemporary Spanish literature (1956), contemporary Spanish Theatre (1957), Don Quixote as game (1975), notebooks of a vague vate (1982) and Tower air (1993). The work of Torrente Ballester is essentially realistic – but it has also explored experimental options-, cultured, ironic introduces a perspectivism owed much to Cervantes, who torrent is considered attentive disciple, such as let us saying: the writer from whom I learned and to whom I owe more. Francisco Arias Solis. Cadiz with Garzon. Democrats with judge BALTASAR GARZoN Association by a democratic justice and a dignified judiciary. Internet for peace and freedom and free forum.