Mitch Winehouse

/After the death of Amy Winehouse, several of their followers have happened through their house in the London district of Candem to leave to flowers and gifts. The rabbi who directed the burial of the artist is developing that this had spoken shortly before dying on its own funeral. The followers of Amy Winehouse who for days crowded themselves to the doors of the house of the British singer took to Thursday one pleasing surprise. The father of the artist, Mitch, began to distribute among them the clothes of his daughter. " They are some of its t-shirts. It is what it had wanted " , it explained.

In addition, Mitch Winehouse gave jewels and other properties of the author of Rehab. After the death of diva of new soul, multitude of fans had happened through their house to leave to branches of flowers and gifts. Thursday, they were homenajeados them. Mitch, that carried out Tuesday a stirring tribute to its daughter in its east funeral Tuesday, asked the young people congregated there who continued listening to discs of their daughter: " Please, you continue listening to its music and that God blesses to Amy Winehouse " , it begged. Meanwhile, the rabbi who realised the funeral of Amy is developing that the star had spoken of its own funeral with its family shortly before its death.

" He was in a self-destruction footpath. Although he was fighting until the end, he was too much far. It was a fragile girl. I believe that she was too much for his body and she sucumbi" , she indicated to Daily Mail. On the other hand, several means become echo of declarations of the ancestor of the artist in whom it indicated that Amy had passed away by to have stopped drinking of form " radical". The Briton had been very popular, besides by her artistic talent, its addiction to the alcohol and to determined drugs. Source of the news: The father of Amy Winehouse distributes to clothes and jewels of the singer between fans