Natural Wood

The windows in your house or flat will not only be a regular attribute, as floor or ceiling. If it is a quality wooden box, then they will become more and decoration. This will be an indicator of your credibility and success. Window of natural wood, we are ready to offer you, distinguished by their versatility. They not only regulate the flow of light and heat, protect from dust, noise and moisture, but also look stylish.

Moreover, these windows will help you save! Winter on heating and air conditioning in the summer (for a total savings in electricity can be up to 70%!). What is already talking about their technological performance, which not only meet the standards adopted by Ukraine, but even surpass them closer to the European. We offer windows made of natural wood (pine, oak, combined). Make your home warm, cozy and quiet. Metering, delivery, assembly / disassembly, warranty and service. High quality, modern technology.

1. Complete box. Hardware firms 'SIGENIA' and 'ROTO NT' (Germany) rubber gasket "thermo". Fillet (width from 14 to 48 mm). Connection method – optimized laminated 78h86 timber with 2 component (moisture-and frost-resistant) adhesive D-4 (Germany), which provides reliable protection products on the strain. Material – clean softwood and hardwood. 2 Seal Company DEVENTER (Germany). 2 anodizing tide firm GUTMAN (Germany). Silicone sealant company KODISIL (Germany) – protects against moisture penetration. High quality paint finish in 4 layers Concern AKZO-NOBEL (Sweden). Triple-pane windows with a total thickness of 45 mm (!) Without compromising the strength of the window allows you to install laminated glass, plate, bulletproof glass (SAINT GOBEN, England). Provides excellent sound, heat and humidity.