Organization Production

In order to study the characteristics of the organization of production in different plants require grouping them by type, in accordance with a common key indicators that determine the choice of methods of organization production. Types of production – is a comprehensive description of technical, organizational and economic features of industrial production, due to its specialization, volume and repeatability issue products. There are three main types of organization of production: mass, mass and individual. In turn, mass production is subdivided into large-, medium-and small-scale. The basis for determining the type of production are the release program, the type of products and complexity of its manufacture. Depending on the type of production at the plant in different ways to address issues of organization, planning and management.

Features such as production reflected in the form of flow production process – a continuous or discontinuous, the pa level of the process, the boundaries of economically viable use of automatic and special equipment, consisting of equipment and tooling used, the organization of workplaces, the composition and qualifications of employees, the system of production planning and control. The correct definition of the type of production allows choose an effective method of its organization, ie, to answer the question of how to more effectively carry out the production process. The method of organization of production is a combination of methods and means of implementation production process. For single and small batch production type is characterized by a single (individual) method of organizing production, using the method of group technology to sredneseriynogo – partionny, using a group method, and the elements of stream, for high-volume and types of mass production – process.