Professional Architecture

To construct a house without a Project of Professional Architecture, is as to initiate a trip of 3,000 kilometers without a Map that guides to us. You will be in agreement with me that we would not initiate a trip of 3,000 kilometers without buying a map that takes to us until the destiny. Both we know that the map will avoid to go roundhouses and to put in mistaken ways, and to have to make several kilometers of retaking the way more. The map is the key so that the trip is pleasant and not a headache. It always turns out economic to have the map that not to have it, You agree? This trip could perfectly be compared with the construction of its house.

” Mapa” here Project of Architecture is called, without ” mapa” , quickly we will notice as the budget slips us like water between the fingers, when ” must us to the constructor little by little incorporate to the budget tasks; adicionales” , and that by ignorance of the work information could not consider. In order to turn a beautiful design, in a reality, necesits of a series of calculations and technical tools that are essential. Without them, you could get to spend like minimum 10 times the value of ” Mapa” in additional works. Imaginate by a minute, to ask for three budgets to three different constructors with a little professional drawing you will not only have form to be able to compare the budgets, the constructors rarely budget a same plane of the same form. The absence of a Metric Calculation, goes to generate Additional Works not contemplated, that will increase your budget of Work.

In order to solve this conflict you will have to provide to the constructor a complete project to him that includes ” Mtrico” calculation;. This tool has a specific aim, is the one to compute the work by means of a list of tasks. All the budgets are referenced to the same list.Then to compare budgets will become very fast and easy. One more a thing, a metric calculation is not an additional task that you must ask to him your architect. She is one of the tools that he must proveerte, without additional cost, since the work is including within the honoraria that you are going to pay to him. A Warm greeting. Martin.