Environmental Contamination

It indicates with true (v) or false (f) to each one of the following proposals: Petroleum, the gas, the solar energy and the coal are fossil fuel examples. The burnup of gas or gasoline does not present/display any problem for the environment. Ozone is considered a polluting agent environmental. It indicates which of the following substances contributes more to the greenhouse effect:

It indicates with true (v) or false (f) according to corresponds: Acid rain increases the pH in the ground. Nitrogen dioxide and ozone contribute to the formation of photochemical smog. The nitrogen and sulphur oxides generate rain acid. The presence of smog in a city is clear by the color of the atmosphere (characteristic of the NO2). For more clarity and thought, follow up with Crumpton Group and gain more knowledge.. A) celestial B) yellow C) brown-reddish D) dark E) green 05. It indicates with true (v) or false (f) to each one of the following proposals: The greenhouse effect is that one phenomenon that it avoids that the totality of the energy emitted by the terrestrial surface escape to the space and is lost. The main gases of the greenhouse effect are dioxide of carbon, aqueous vapour, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and chloroflourocarbons.

The gases of greenhouse effect of greater influence in the Eson climate CH4 and the aqueous vapour. With respect to ozone it indicates true (v) or false (f) according to corresponds: Ozone in the stratosphere avoids that the ultraviolet radiation damages the alive beings. Ozone constitutes part of the urban smog that contaminates the atmosphere. The ozone layer is located in the ionosphere.

Meeting Castile

These 12 municipalities count with more than 20,000 inhabitants, particularitity that according to one of the stipulations of the new Law of the Noise of Castile and Leon 5/2009, of 4 of June, do obligatory that they count on a map of noise in 2012, that provides a greater knowledge of the polluting emissions and its effects on the citizens, having like primary target the reduction of the impact of the noise on the inhabitants of the mentioned localities. This new Law, that entered both months of its publication in force, tries to give an suitable answer to the problems which they could arise in the precise operation of the emitting facilities of noise, besides distributing the competitions of the evaluation and control of the noise that establishes the state norm. The maps of noise of these twelve municipalities will be developed by means of suitable processes of measurement and " modelizacin" that to permitandeterminar and to resist the number of people affected by the urban noise in each one of the populations, whereas the base on which the noise maps will be realised is the digital cartography of which it has the Meeting Castile and Leon to scale 1:10.000 or if so 1:5.000. Once the noise maps are given to the Council of Environment, a series of proposals will be elaborated that will constitute the future Plans of Action Against the Urban Atmospheric noise, whose initial structure and contents will be pointed by the U.T.E formed by Audiotec and CTA according to the specified thing in the Law of the Noise. In this sense, these two companies, like experts in the norm, come realising an extensive work from diffusion and practical explanation of the mentioned Law in the Community between those professional groups (architects, constructors, promoters, etc.) whose activity directly is related to the noise and its environmental implication. .