Buying a PC

If your computer is to buy a home, make no mistake, and not to console myself that play on your computer you will not. Will be required, even if in some cases, so choose a pc with a separate video card and a large amount of graphics memory with him. A desktop computer is better to choose a specific problem that you plan to solve it, so before finding the optimal configuration of future computer Take a piece of paper and try to answer the question – why do I need a computer. You have decided on the scope of future computer and now define a budget that are willing to spend for its purchase. Since You pick up your first computer, then resting his eyes on the final decisions – almost fully assembled system unit. Yes, of course, ready computer more expensive than its samosbornogo complete analogue for at least 40-50%, but you're still a beginner and do not be tempted to save money, and the entreaties of his friends do not pay attention.

Ready computer will save you from a lot of trouble that inevitably arise in the first self-assembly testing and operation of the computer. And, the advice of friends send a channel of exchange of experience "bezglyuchnoy" life of your computer to find the most current configuration and choose the vendor. The main part of the computer is the processor, but in the first place should be put the motherboard as the motherboard and set it to connect all components and external devices, PCs, and its "buggy" work can be pretty spoiled impression of the computer. Tip – do not skimp on the motherboard and get the most expensive, considering its budget for the computer and the price ratio between the components to the cost of the motherboard, processor, graphics card and ram are about equal, then you get almost a balanced configuration of the computer. When choosing a processor and video card do not forget about the price ratio, so as not to overpay for excess capacity, which will not be able to use one of the components. In Prospects, with the growth of your needs and abilities, you will almost always be able to update their computer and "bleed" the required characteristics. Among the manufacturers of central processors (Intel, AMD) and GPUs (NVIDA, ATI-AMD) for the pc has developed a fairly stable situation, and only a crisis can make serious adjustments. The practice of inclines to the following combinations of Intel-NVIDIA and AMD-ATI/AMD.

Manufacturers, Intel and nvidia virtually almost always go for the step-half step ahead of their competitors, while amd and ATI-AMD almost always are the miner in a price war, which has a positive affect the overall drop in prices for processors that can not please us – the consumers. Regarding the choice of ram and hard drive, then the choice is simple, the more the better. If you do decide to participate in the selection of individual components of their future pc, you will help a few simple recommendations. ram modules buy only well-known manufacturers, even more than speed, since the quality of Memory depends on stability of the program. Yes, do not get carried away without any special demand of the various daily tests the computer, because computer components through specialized programs designed with minimum safety factor, and tests are stressful for them, reducing the overall life. I remember a case when a user for one day "zatestiroval" brand new hard drive to its full withdrawal from system.