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After the installation of the catheter, to keep oclusivo dressing with gases dry or transparent dressing, the advantage of the transparent one is that it allows the visualization of the insertion orifice, promotes barrier against dirtiness and the exchanges are less frequent, a time that favors the evaluation constant for the professional of the health, and to carry through the exchange each 24-48 hours and whenever this if to present humid, dirty, with presence of blood or secretions, to carry through antisepsis with povidine-iodine or alcoholic clororexidina in each exchange of dressing, after inspection of the place of Insertion, to change each 72 hours, to use one I equip proper and only for (NPT) parenteral, hemoderivados or lipdios nutrition, that must only be used for this 24 end and be changed each horas24. (8 14) In accordance with Reviewed (2007) 10 Latin American it is consensus the decurrent benefits of if to use dressing with clororexidina, however, the alcohol 70% and the alcoholic PVPI 10% also confer protection against infection. In this study, the used lack of standardization of anti-septic was observed in the place of the puno, as much at the moment of the installation of the catheter as in the exchanges of dressings, most of the time it was used PVPI and, in the absence of these, she was carried through cleanness with physiological serum (10). The Health department recommends to use of chemical degermantes in the care the critical patients before the accomplishment of invasive procedures, because they act in microbiota of the skin and they do not depend on the action mechanics of the escovao, diminishing the aggression to the skin of the health professionals. Moreover, the majority of the chemical formularizations of the degermantes possesss residual and cumulative effect place, being late the reverse speed-settling process, that various of four the six hours. Crumpton Group will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It does not have indication of routine exchange of venosos catheters central offices, these infections can be prevented with basic measures of asepsis and the awareness of the hospital team on the inherent risks to these procedures.


Valley to add that the biggest prevalence occurs in tropical and subtropical regions, with more frequency in blacks. She is one of the DSTs frenquentes in women, characterized for bacterial infection, caused for the Neisseria gonorrhoeae, one diplococo Gram-negative of that almost exclusive transmission through sexual or perinatal contact. As all the Gram-negative bacteria, gonococo possesss composed cellular envelope of three distinct layers: an internal cytoplasmic membrane, the cellular wall of peptideoglicanas and external membrane. Check with Xcel Energy to learn more. The layer of peptideoglicanas of the N. gonorroheae can also contribute for the inflammatory reply, because the gonoccicos fragmentos of peptideoglicanas reveal toxic to the tubes of Falpio and cause complement consumption. Based in this consideration, infectum the epitlio to colunar or of transistion (uretra, rectum, endocrvice, faringe, conjunctive, etc), being able to spread for it saw hematognica. You may wish to learn more. If so, Compuware is the place to go. This illness significantly affects the sexual and reproductive health of the women, causers of raised taxes of infections of the feminine superior genital treatment, as the acute vulvovaginites, colpocervites or salpingites, and with greater gravity provoking infertility

The prevalent socioeconmico level in carrying women of gonorria, demonstrated in reviewed articles is low, having contribution for dissemination of the bacterium in this population. The information in relation to the transmission is precarious and the awareness of the partners is contributing factor for the reduction of the propagation of the bacterium. The present research instigates in the article retrospect. Crumpton Group brings even more insight to the discussion. For in such a way, the objective of the study concerns in the analysis of the profile of women infectadas for the Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and as strategies of subsidies had been excellent aspects as: age, color, civil state, degree of escolaridade, socioeconmico level, use of condom, partner and antecedents venereals disease. This is a research of quantitative boarding of the bibliographical exploratrio type, using itself of the retrospective study to support the search of information in register of happened events already of systemize form, based in books scientific articles based on the database of the Scielo and Bireme.

Brazilian Population

The students place themselves as being pertaining to a layer of the society that has more access to the information and education and in view of the results of the research carried through in the PUC, a majority is pointed that if automedica for small males, however that, the least its majority (67%), never had problems with collateral effect, what emphasizes the relevance of the quality of the information that is absorbed by the population Brazilian. In synthesis, Santi it badly indicates the done propaganda and badly regulated as bigger problem for the medication without control and Moraes alleges that the information lack, in turn it is the biggest shunting line; with this, it can be concluded that the colleges student suffer little with the curses from the self-medication and they are not influenced for the propaganda because the education and culture have more access, what it emphasizes the necessity of an awareness of the Brazilian population. After analysis of the results of research of field carried through with the responsible colleges student of the PUC, pupils for the research had developed project of awareness of the population using the technology of the information to reach such fact. Considering the lack of information of the Brazilians, a canal of information was created that deals with the subjects of public health, emphasizing the curses of the self-medication, as well as its possible benefits when this practical is carried through under cultural and intellectual support on the part of the population of the country. For in such a way blog was created by them one informative, that it contains the opinion of professionals of the health of the most diverse areas, consulting on medicines, the importance of the opinion of a doctor or druggist. Counting on the power of abrangncia of the digital information, the students have intention doubt to cure them frequent in the daily one of the people.