Building Code

As much in airports as in hotels, code QR can be used like electronic ticket boarding pass, showing the screen of the moving body in the panel of reading when carrying out checking in the boarding door. In fact, in airport of Barajas, if you are wanted to save time of delay in the control, are companies that directly send the boarding pass to you to the moving body (in format BIDI), the scaneas and raisins with priority on the rest. Checking in events. In order to obtain the accreditation or invitation. For more information in this sense you can consult post that I published weeks ago on systems of accreditation by means of BIDI.Crdito codes in the hotels. The client can keep his code QR with his number of reserve that can be read of the different points of sale from the hotel to be able to load its consumption to him to the account of the room. Loyalty of clients.

In loyalty card way, where we can keep great amount from information on the client and our hotel/agency. Pamphlets and catalogues. So that the users can extend their information acceding to the Web of the hotel or monument (or object of interest), acceding to contents extra as he visits virtual, video, contents, etc. it is possible to be used also in advertising magazines and fences so that the user can accede directly to more information, drawings, or even tendencies vanguardistas than allow to realise shipments via bluetooth to all the users who pass through the radius of reach of my to sender. Geolocalizacin. For information of tourist places and in combination with other technologies like increased reality, Google Favourite Places, google Maps, etc. Etc. Building with code QR and reality aumentadEl building known like N Building, located in Tokyo, decorates its facade with a code QR. In its initial version code QR of the building codified the URL of the page solely Web of the building, but now it makes use of the increased reality to show superposed digital information the real image of the building like tweetts written by his renters, information on the stores that there are in his interior, supplies, promotions, etc.